What Are The Benefits of Bi-Folding Doors?

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Our bi-folding doors are the only PVCu range with a completely smooth opening and closing action. They all have slim-line frames, bespoke hinges and locks with a vast choice of styles, colours, pane combinations and handles. Bi-folding doors have a lot of aesthetic and practical advantages, they provide a sense of luxury, as well as bringing simple functionality to your home.


Here is a list of the many benefits of bi-folding doors:


1. Low Maintenance

The only thing these doors really need is regular clean with detergent every other month,  like most other windows or glass doors. They’re a lot easier to clean as it's quick and practical. Quick and easy?  Yes it is, with bi-folding doors!


2. Maximising that good old Vitamin D intake

The doors, much like sliding patio doors, will help maximise the natural light that comes into your home, regardless of whether the door is open or closed. Getting that dose of vitamin D is only a bi-folding door away! Natural light can really lift a room and make it into a space you’ll be desperate to spend more time in.


3. Better Security

At certain points of the door's sliding track - there is a locking feature that is spread over these ‘points’. This proves better than most doors because instead of one lock, you’ve got multiple, ensuring complete and maximum security for you and your home.


4. Compact and flexibility

Bi-folding doors take up minimal space when opened where as sliding patio doors are very bulky and take up a lot of room. They take up minimal room due to the fact they concertina back on themselves - instead of bulking up on one another. You can open up your whole wall; essentially having no barrier unlike on patio doors- they’re normally raised and show a distinct difference between garden and patio. Now that distinct difference can be made modern and fluent through bi-folding doors. 


If you want patio doors but the space is too small, go for bi-folding doors. They’re flexible with their sizing and can offer alternative storage and opening space to cater for any size.


Bi-folding doors offer more flexibility than any other type of door. A set of bi-folding doors will allow you to open up the entire wall effortlessly. Compare bi-fold doors to a common household door that can only open to one width, then the choice is clear! The compact flexibility that bi-fold doors offer is second to none.


5. Aesthetically pleasing

We always want ways to make our house feel like a home, making it look pretty and how we want it to look. Bi-folding doors can cater to your home, whether you want a vintage look or a complete modern look - or whether you want them to blend or whether you want them to stand out.


Bi-folding doors are both aesthetically pleasing from the inside and outside.


6. Garden Access

Bi-folding doors are a great way of bringing the outside, in - especially in the summer. They give you the chance to enjoy the outside with the inside and also there's no more tripping over raised patio doors!


Bi-folding doors are becoming more and more popular where modern design is concerned and people love the fluent transition to bringing the outside, inside.


We want you to feel like your home is the best it can and with our innovative bi-folding doors becoming more and more popular by the day, they may be the best option for you!


Why not contact us now and find out more about how bi-folding doors will benefit you home! Or get a quote from us on 01733 303444 (Peterborough) 01223 653444 (Cambridge) or email us on info@elitewindowslimited.co.uk 



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