Structural weakness of your door: Does light stream through the bottom of your door? Has your door started shrinking beneath? It’s time to for a replacement. Shrinking is usually caused by weather elements such as snow and rain – decomposing the door materials and leading to shrinkage. These holes and gaps typically at the bottom of your door may begin to encourage rodents and insects to enter into your home.


Pest infestation: Discovering pests in your home, doors or windows signal that its time for them to be replaced. Pests may enter your home through gaps on your doors or windows – and some even feed on your building materials. 

Faulty: Consider replacing your windows and doors if you experience more problems than usual when opening or closing them. This could be an indication that they are worn out.

How can a faulty door or window affect your energy bill?


If you’ve noticed any issues above, it is more than likely that your doors and windows are having a massive impact on your energy bills. The gaps and holes in your doors and windows let in draughts and pests, and release heat and with it, money. As it grows chillier in your home, your heating is turned up and money is wasted on attempts to heat up your home. Central heating systems work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature within your home, and most of that heat is lost anyway. Replacing your doors or windows is a valuable investment, although initially it may be pricey, your home and household members will benefit long-term and so will your bank account.


With new, firmly built doors and double-glazing windows, energy consumption is reduced and the temperature of your home is maintained. With less energy consumption and better insulation, your will be made effectively lower. Heat wont be lost through the holes in your windows and doors, instead the heat is kept inside your home. Heating systems don’t need to be turned up higher, and do not need to work harder. Not only are you saving money, but you are furthermore contributing to saving your environment.



What to Look For In A Window


When choosing a window, R-values must be accounted for. The R-value denotes the thermal reflection ability of a given structure. A structure with a higher R-value will provide better insulation. For a well-insulated, temperature-regulated and soundproof environment – which should be provided in a home – windows of a higher R-value are strongly recommended.


Houses with doors and windows that have an R-value within the range of 3–5 will not provide any insulation factors. Such values are found in single paned or double paned windows and doors that have poor frames. For a window that has maximum rate of effectiveness, you must replace your window with a modern double or triple glazed one – which have 5–9 R-values. Since windows are critical for preserving your energy, it is strongly recommended that your windows are triple glazed. Double-glazed are satisfactory, but if you're after the best, triple-glazed have R-values of 7 to 9.


Doors and windows play a massive role in your home’s aesthetics. Modern, improved windows not only enhance the appearance of your house, but also maintain insulation and temperature. With doors and windows that keep your home insulated, your household members are warmer, your house is more comfortable and your energy bills are lower. Our professionals at Elite Windows can guarantee a door or window that does all.


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There’s no place like home. The sense of belonging and freedom will always make you feel glad to be back. However, when your home is no longer a place of comfort and security and is instead problematic with draughts and cold, there may be a problem with your homes interior. The main suspect for such coldness will be your doors and windows; as well as causing draughts, your under-performing windows and doors will reduce the energy efficiency in your home. As heat is lost through your windows and doors, money is too. If your door or window is old or decaying, you can expect your energy bills to soar.​


When to replace windows and doors


Not only do your exterior aesthetics depend on the condition of your windows and doors, but also your windows and doors must be of a good form to sustain your home properly. Whilst windows are responsible for ventilation and views, your doors form openings to every part of your house, leading to insulation issues,- this is because worn out windows and doors can expose you to various factors – including ventilation problems, insect infestation and security complications.


If you notice the following issues alongside draughts, you must consider a window and door replacement.

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