Bay windows


A combination of just three openings, bay windows angle out beyond the exterior wall. This window construction protrudes beyond the main walls of a building, consisting of one picture window in the middle of two smaller windows. The centre window, which is installed parallel to the existing wall, is larger than the two panes on the side. These smaller windows on either side of the centre window are often operable casement (see more on different types of windows on our previous blog, here.)


Bay windows protrude further from the wall out into the exterior space, adding more floor space inside.


Bow windows


Similar to bay windows, bow windows extend beyond the exterior wall. However, as opposed to three angles, bay windows sweep away from the wall in a graceful arch of four, five or six windows. Often, inoperable picture windows are used in bow window configurations, however casement windows are an option. Bow windows will allow more light due to the number of glass panels included, and also allows a view from two sides of a home.


Choosing between bay and bow windows


Both bay and bow windows will benefit your home – but your decision between the two might depend on the style and age of your home, alongside your needs.


The angular lines and flat panes of a bay window mean that they’re often considered more appropriate for modern homes. They add a contemporary style and match current themes. On the contrary, the semi-circular outer structure of the bow windows is ideal for period homes, particularly architecture of the Victorian era. This elegant window style is typically larger than bay windows, having more glass area. The curve of a bow window adds a touch of charm and maintains character in your home.


In terms of lighting and space, both bay and bow windows will benefit your home. However, since bay windows only have three panels and bow have four to six, bow windows will flood more light into a room. Bay windows protrude further out, adding more space. If you favour space over light, choose bay windows. Whether you’d like to add more furniture or make your room bigger, bay windows are ideal. A window seat is also perfect in a bay window. However, for an enticing nook on the inside of your home, choose bow windows.


To suit an older, classical home or a modern home with a traditional style, choose bow windows. For a contemporary, modern style, a bay window will fulfil your needs. To achieve maximum lighting in your rooms, a bay window is the ideal solution due to its number of windows.


Benefits of bay and bow windows


  • Adds more square footage to room

A deep windowsill is one of the comfiest, most aesthetically pleasing way to utilize a bay or bow window. Turn it into a cushioned reading bench or use the sill to display plants – whatever it’s used for, plenty of sun and daylight will be soaked up.


  • Allows more natural light:

Particularly bay windows will add natural light to brighten up your room.


  • Expand your view:

Enjoy a panoramic vista view of your town, whether you’re living on a wheat field or in a chaotic city.


  • Increase curb appeal:

A massive factor of bay and bow windows are their aesthetics. Your property will stand out from the rest and may even increase its market value when selling your home.


Difference in cost


Bow windows are typically more expensive than bay windows. More windows are used to construct a bow window, in which you could expect a bow window to cost 10 – 15% more than a bay window. In addition to the number of windows required, the cost of a bow window installation may be slightly more due to the fact that it is more complex to achieve.


Both bay and bow windows are worthwhile investments that will improve your home’s aesthetics and curb appeal. However, both windows suit different homes.

Bay Windows vs. Bow Windows

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Whether you’re hoping to extend your living space or wanting to boost your curb appeal, bay and bow windows are ideal. Choosing the ideal window for your home is difficult, in which we’ve walked through such in our previous blog here… During your research, you may have come across bay and bow windows numerous times. Throughout this article, we want to establish that bay and bow windows are two different styles that both will benefit various houses in many ways. If you’re considering making an investment in bay or bow windows, we suggest that the following information is read. We have devised together a list of factors that must be thought about before choosing between the two.


Both bay and bow windows will open up a room and let it breathe, giving the appearance of more space and flooding a room with light. A new bow or bay window immediately becomes the focal point for a home, in which both will transform its interior and exterior. However, their features vary and suit different house styles. Throughout this blog, we have devised together the key benefits of both bay and bow windows, and demonstrated the homes that they suit most.

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