Here’s how to transform your small conservatory into a beautiful and practical living space. ​

1. Creatively furnish and decorate your conservatory


Whether it’s your favourite colour or a style you’ve always wanted to achieve in your home, why not convert your small conservatory into a beautiful sanctuary? You can enjoy decorating the walls, floors and space with your favourite interior designs. You can find useful ideas for small conservatoires on Pinterest® and other photo-orientated applications. A small conservatory will be made bespoke to you, so why settle for the ordinary? Create a stunningly colourful or stylish interior in the way you want. 

2. Use your conservatory as a winter lounge with energy efficient designs


Why don’t you create a cosy, warm environment suitable for the winter? Our conservatories are already designed with the best PVCu material, providing low U-values and A-rated energy efficiency. However, you improve your thermal insulation by choosing to have a warm roof installed onto your small conservatory. Small conservatories are much easier to keep warm during the winter, and with a sunny roof implemented you are guaranteed a room that you can choose comfortably all year round. Nonetheless, you can furnish your conservatory with comfy sofas and curtains to make the environment a relaxing paradise. 

3.    A family room


Spending time with your family is essential to all of us, and a small conservatory can be used to bring you all together. You can create a cosy living space complete with a TV to form your home cinema venue. Having a refuge for your family to get along is one fantastic use for our small conservatories and the best part? They are comfortable to use both during the summer and winter, which we can thank its energy efficient properties for. 

4.    Kitchen Extension


If you have a small kitchen already, instead of investing in a complete extension, a small conservatory can help you resolve your issue here. You can create a dining room or extend your kitchen to fit more utilities in the place. Small conservatories are perfect for expanding on common rooms; whether it’s a kitchen or living room, a small conservatory is ideal for any functional room.

5.    Reading room


Popular choices for homeowners, small conservatories are often used for tranquillity, providing people, especially adults with the opportunity to get away and enjoy some ‘me-time’. You can even renovate your small conservatory as a place to nap in, investing in a hammock and or large sofa, all so you can find the best comfort and use for your small conservatory. 

6.    Office/Study


If you need a place to get on with work or carry out business meetings, a small conservatory is the perfect getaway location. Our PVCu conservatories reduce noise pollution and keep warm even during the colder months, and that is why your small conservatory would be perfect to convert into your office. 

7.    Children’s play-room


If you have children, you will understand the difficulties of finding toys everywhere around your house, and you will usually find this out by standing on them. However, with your small conservatory, you can designate the room to your kids, making it into a child-friendly, play area where they can resort. This way your kids will be safely out of your way and so will the many toys you used to find dotted around your home. 

Overall a small conservatory can be used for practically any kind of room you are looking to create. These are just a few of the many ideas out there, and a small conservatory is bespoke to you; therefore all we can do is recommend and help you create a room that is beneficial to you and your home.


If you are thinking of expanding your home into a small conservatory or would like more ideas on how to transform your small conservatory, get in touch with our home improvements team today for more information.

Conservatories have won the hearts of homeowners for years, allowing people to achieve more space in their home and to create a relaxing environment that they can enjoy by themselves. You can find many different styles, including; Gable, Edwardian, Victorian, Lean-Tos and Lanterns. Conservatories are a cost-effective solution in comparison to moving house or investing in a complete conversion.


One of the best features of a conservatory is the fact they can be made bespoke to your ideas, this is one of their most predominant factors, as everyone loves to achieve their perfect living space. However, although you would consider conservatories to be found on larger houses with larger gardens, this is not the case. Smaller homes have started introducing ‘small conservatories’ into their yards, these conservatories are typically square and adequately provide you with the extra space you need.


Okay so you want a small conservatory, or maybe you already have one, but how do you go about making it a practical and pretty environment? Well, in this blog we will be presenting you with multiple ideas on how you can modify and decorate your small conservatory so you and visitors will admire your efforts.  


7 Small Conservatory Ideas

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