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A conservatory is simply an extension that makes your home bigger in a much easier way. They’re a cost-effective option in comparison to moving house or having a conversion; also the design of a conservatory is fully flexible to your ideas.


A conservatory extends your living area and you can choose to make it into any additional room; whether it’s a dining area, a study or even a reading room. Maybe you just want a room where you can spend some peaceful family time - the possibilities are endless and they're all up to you.


Create a bespoke living space


Not only does a conservatory add another practical room, it also adds extended value to your property as well- they’re even an excellent selling point to buyers as they provide additional space and can help make a house look bigger. Another popular aspect would be the fact that conservatories are very open, so the relaxing natural light is only going to entice you more.


Conservatories aren’t just for the summer, they make a great impact on your life forever. People fall into the trap of thinking that you can only use a conservatory when the weather is nice but that’s not the case. You can get an electric heaters installed or invest in a warm roof to further sustain heat inside of your conservatory. 


Energy saving conservatories? 


Insulation in a conservatory is the way of preventing heat from escaping from the room and is essential for your conservatory if you wish to use it even during winter. You, at home can also help to reduce the cold by buying draft excluders and/or installing heavy curtains. You should always check the quality of the sealing in the windows- PVCu is very popular as it’s a very strong sealant for windows. Another way to keep your conservatory insulated is by upgrading the flooring, this is aspect strongly affects the way in which the conservatory is insulated and is something we take for granted everyday. Concrete flooring absorbs a lot of thermal energy, if you use tiles then using tiles with a higher PEI rating would perform more efficiently, wood flooring and carpets are also better as well.


Conservatories are great when it comes to bringing the outdoors inside, you can open the windows and doors and it brings the room to life (especially in the summer). Solar roofs are very popular where conservatories are concerned- this not only makes the conservatory energy efficient and saves you money, it will minimise the heat escaping and blocks the harmful rays that you can be exposed to through having a conservatory. Not to mention it will help protect your furniture.


Be inspired by existing conservatory ideas


Some of the most popular ideas for a small conservatory are:

• A family room- Having the extra room, as a place to spend time with your family is a perfect idea! Making it a snug in the winter and a chill room in the summer- this is a perfect room for all the family to enjoy and chill out to spend some quality time.

• Kitchen extension- If you love a big kitchen and wish you had more space for a kitchen dine  or just a bigger kitchen, then this is a great idea due to the fact it allows for a beautiful open space, bringing the outside in. Perfect for summer when the BBQ’s are going and the kitchen opens out- making the perfect scene for a summer’s day.

• Reading room- We all love a bit of alone time, and with conservatories providing open room, natural lighting whilst you relax with the best book, it's basically perfect isn't it?

• Office/work from home- Nowadays a large population of people work from home. Turning a conservatory into a work place will allow for a beautiful office and a much more professional approach, especially when clients come to visit.

• Children’s playroom- Making your conservatory a children’s playroom is another great idea. Ideal for the summer time, when the kids are in and out of the house, wanting to drag their whole collection of toys into the garden and back in again. With a conservatory and a pair of our French doors installed, you can bet on the perfect safeguarding transition from  the outdoors the indoors. 


Whatever you choose to use your conservatory for is all up to you, however our team is always on hand to give their advice and recommendations if you would ever like one.


Whether it’s a playroom or an office our team is always here to help; from the ideas to the installation. So, why not give us a call to find out more? Call us now on 01733 303 444 (Peterborough) or 01223 653 444 (Cambridge) or email us on 



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