Disadvantages of Blinds between Glass


  • As blinds between glass are a specialty window so it is an expensive endeavour if you decide to replace all of your current windows with them. It's best to do all of the windows for a consistent look both from the inside and outside of the home.

  • You can't change the blinds like you would a normal window. Some of these specialty windows allow you to replace the blinds.

  • Many companies offer plain blinds. You won't have the option for more decorative blinds to fit your décor.

  • Cleaning can be difficult. If the seal is broken and dust gets inside the window, they do need to be taken apart to be cleaned. This frequently means removing the window or door from its casing.



Advantages of Blinds between Glass


  • The blinds do not collect dirt, grease or grime unlike normal blinds due to the fact that they are ‘locked’, air tight between two panes of glass. It is a great alternative for people with dust allergies as it makes your room a healthier atmosphere.

  • The danger hazards for young children that you get with traditional blinds (the chord) has been eliminated, and now uses a new opening and closing technique.

  • Outside factors such as moisture and damp weather have also been eliminated so the blinds stay looking brand new, all so you don't have to worry about updating them after so many years.

  • As the blinds create more insulation, the windows become more energy efficient.


Before going straight in and buying something we all like to do some research and as you can't try before you buy these blinds, here are some before you jump right in:


  • Look at image samples and homes with the built-in blinds if possible.
  • Make sure you like the built-in blinds concept this is because they are part of the window, you can't simply remove them and go back to a normal window.
  • Compare the warranties offered on the windows. Read the fine print to determine if the warranty covers the blinds as well as the rest of the window.
  • Compare the features offered with each window to find the best value that also fits your lifestyle.



So, why not invest in something as modern and innovative as Blinds between Glass?


 the Pros and Cons of Blinds Between Glass

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Finding ways to make your home look more modern and finding the next best thing that will make the maintenance for your home that little easier - is something we are all guilty of. 


The one thing we have been able to provide for our customers recently is ‘between glass blinds’, essentially they are what their name is. They consist of a fully integrated, pleated blind sealed between two panes of glass. Blinds between glass are both stylish and contemporary and easy to maintain as the blinds contained within the sealed unit are protected from dust and dirt. 


Blinds between glass are ideal for bi-folding and sliding doors, specifically because they are let in the most light. It’s not just doors that blinds between glass can be installed for, they can also work in conservatories, offices, and many other options– a versatile, user-friendly and double-glazed blind system suitable for any part of your property.

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