What is a composite door made of?


Composite doors are constructed from a variety of different materials, however due to precise layering and accurate quantity of each material - a composite door has achieved optimum security within door engineering and whilst providing beautiful aesthetics; a composite door allows excellent heat conservation lowering a home owner's energy bills.

Why would it be more beneficial to invest in a composite door? 


Well, for one Elite Windows would install these doors for you and therefore would save you the time and hassle in needing to replace your existing door - plus save you from expenses of hinges and finding the right size joints. People value time a lot more than money so with easy installation, this is one benefit already gained just by purchasing a composite door 






PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) 

 This synthetic polymer offers durable and lustrous factors and when heated at high temperatures it becomes completely malleable – with this flexibility the material can be managed into any given shape, which helps create a variety of different composite door shapes to tailor to customers' needs. The main purpose for this material is for its application over the doors’ main frame;  this is to prevent effects from weathering ruining the door over long periods of time. 



 Using primarily timber or oak wood, this material is the main product used to form composite doors. The wood is carved into shape and used due to its durable properties which contributes to the famous strength of a composite door. Wood proves to be a very popular demand for home owners, overpowering all other alternative materials, 


Insulating Foam

Inside all materials and coatings is high density insulating foam – this assistive material acts as a trap for heat helping maintain internal temperatures as it prevents heat from escaping due to its opaque properties keeping the material from breathable


GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)

To cover the main body of the door a GRP cover is used – this overcoat reinforces the underlying materials; providing it with the finalised strength it needs to meet expected standards for an average composite door.

What are they used for?


Composite doors require little maintenance and can provide reliability and security for long periods of time. 


These types of doors may prove a bit more expensive however the benefits that follow having a composite door truly outweigh the price.


The real question following this product for the customers is that of would you prefer high quality for a bit more money or stick with the standard PVCu door just to save an extra little bit of money because composite doors can guarantee you years of safety and aesthetic pleasure.


Common PVCu doors will eventually decay ensuring a future hassle of having to replace it, which in the long run will calculate to be as expensive as one life-long lasting composite door.


The composite door is becoming the most popular choice on the public market for home improvements, so the product is becoming inventively more popular. 




Businesses who need consistent security usually have composite doors due to their popular properties, which help achieve the needed protection.


 If people require or wish for a certain colour or style unlike most PVCu doors, composite have no limits to design or colour and can be made to suit a customers’ idea especially if they have a set colour scheme or appearance to match their business or home décor.



What is a Composite Door?

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Many of us know that composite doors are moderately pricey in comparison to standard wooden or aluminium doors; but many of us don’t know a composite doors' benefits, nor do we understand what a composite door is actually made of and why they are said to be better than alternative doors. The real question behind this doors’ popularity - is its strength, which is made through the careful engineering of layered materials. It's manufacture leads to an almost indestructible build, which is immune to many physical impacts and weathering. But why are these doors better than ordinary wooden or plastic doors? Door manufacturers have recently improved upon the composite door, taking factors like energy efficiency and security into further consideration.



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