Who knew that there could be so much difficulty involved with choosing new windows? There’s always the dreaded decision between price and function that leaves us stranded on what to choose when it comes to new or replacement windows – that’s why Elite Windows have decided to compose a blog which will help you to come to a worthwhile decision.


A composite door has become an icon for the perfect door, providing excellent security, stability and colour choices, which are impossible to achieve with your standard, wooden doors. But the really question is, how are these doors made?

What New Doors, Windows and a Conservatory can do for you

There are so many different improvements you can make to your home which will help it function or look better it’s just a question of what will be the most beneficial and is it worth it? Elite Windows have put together this blog to help people towards making the right decision with their preferred home improvements. We want to ensure everyone chooses the right improvement that best suits him or her and the one that will be sustainable financially. Whether it’s a new door, window or a whole conservatory construction we will provide you with the advantages.

A Guide to Home Improvements for Homes in Conservation Areas

Living in an area of conservation can be highly rewarding, with the financial and tranquil benefits at hand 24/7. The environment you live in is adamant on the protection of nature and the historical architecture, so how well will the land owner take to allowing home improvements? The primary factor to consider when contemplating any home improvement, which modernises your property, would be the environmental impact it will have. Due to a conservation area solely, prioritising the wellbeing of its surroundings, you will need to greatly consider the energy efficiency of the home improvements you wish to invest in.

PVCu vs. Aluminium vs. Composite Door

When buying a door there can be many complications as to what the best option is, however there is a door to suit everybody’s requirements. Whether you’re looking for energy efficiency, security, aesthetics or all in 1 – you can guarantee to find the perfect door and this blog can help guide you towards it.

Home improvements, which help you reduce your energy bills and keep your home warmer.

We understand that investing in new home improvements can be an exciting yet challenging time. It can be difficult to decide what you want to change about your home and it varied opinions could have you indecisive for months on end. However, Elite Windows have put together an informative blog outlaying the energy efficient benefits, which come with certain installations.


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