Whether it’s in terms of retaining heat in your homes or with providing you and your family with the sense of security, how secure are your windows? Most homes are built with standard PVCu or wooden windows, which do not offer maximum energy conservation or durability. As most homes were built many years ago, if your windows haven’t been upgraded or replaced there’s a high possibility that you could be losing heating and be exposing yourself to less security. Whether it’s a domestic or commercial property you own, if you want to protect you, your family or your valuable you should soon think about investing in newly improved windows, whether they’re PVCu or aluminium. Unfortunately there is a large risk of theft crime in the UK and all burglars need to break into a home easily, are weakened windows. If you notice any cracks, splits or deterioration of your windows whether it’s the framing or glass, Elite Windows would highly recommend looking for replacement windows. Liniar windows or double-glazing would be your best option for increasing security. Enhancing how safe your property is would also enhance how energy efficient your home/business will be. By installing new PVCu windows you can have a police-backed initiative that your windows are safer, especially if you get them from a reputable business such as Elite Windows. Our collections of PVCu windows have been carefully manufactured to provide greater energy efficiency and certainty to your home. Investing in our availability of PVCu window can ensure you a future proofed outcome. By replacing your windows with newly updated PVCu windows, you can be sure to still achieve the highest standards even in 20 years time. Energy efficiency plays a big part of security, not in terms of safety but with keeping temperatures maintained inside, reducing energy bills in the long term. Most homes have windows, which consistently allow 20% of your heat to be lost whenever you turn the central heating on. Whether it’s financial security or safety for you and your household that you’re after, starting with your windows is sure to make an excellent improvement. If your windows have damaged locking systems or don’t have any at all then Elite Windows would highly suggest installing locks, which secure deep into the framing material to prevent forced entry more effectively. You wouldn’t usually consider windows to be secure however if you install the correct glass and framing your home could be titled safer than ever. Windows are the prime entry targets for criminals, which are why Elite Windows have created products, which have reinforced properties to prevent easy access. By changing the glass to double-glazing not only do they make your home warmer, this variety of glass is also much more impenetrable.  

How to get your PVCu door looking new

PVCu is one of the easiest materials to clean due to its smooth and non-porous properties. It requires low maintenance and is durable even during the harshest of weather conditions and PVCu is not prone to rot, so overall you can expect high quality results from investing in such a home improvement. Along with wood, PVCu is one of the most commonly used materials for front doors in the UK this is because they are practically inexpensive whilst retaining excellent strength and aesthetics.

The Different Types of Doors

​Doors are usually considered to be the mundane, compulsory needs for any domestic or commercial property and we don’t usually take notice of them; however they are important to our everyday lives through means of conserving heat and providing security. From front doors to back doors, there are endless possibilities of customisation to suit everyone’s needs. Aesthetically doors can come in a variety of colours, materials and patterns to complete your home, adding the added sense of beauty with its visual composure.

Not only do doors act as a visual attraction, they can be tailored around many other factors you require. Some doors are installed due to their immense strength and durability while others a primarily selected for their energy efficient properties. Whatever you’re after to make your home perfect, Elite Windows have provided you with the best guide.

The Different Types of Conservatories​

When investing in a conservatory there are many questions we ask ourselves, and one key query would be ‘what model would be best for me? We typically picture a conservatory to be made of white PVCu with a Victorian or Edwardian design concept however – the designs for these living spaces are endless. Depending on the size of your home and its aesthetics there are a variety of shapes available, with endless possibilities of customisation.

Not only do you have choice of aesthetics – the material is an important factor to consider. Although PVCu is the most common choice, you can introduce yourself to many other mediums including timber, metals and some can be made into the perfect, solid living space by combining both glass and brickwork. The ideas for your perfect conservatory are endless and this blog is will provide you with further knowledge of the models present at Elite Windows.

What is a composite door?

Many of us know that composite doors appear a little pricey in comparison to standard wooden or glass doors; but many of us don’t know a composite doors benefits, nor do we know what a composite door is actually made of and why they are said to be better than uPVC doors. The real question behind this doors’ popularity is its strength, which is made through the careful engineering of layered materials. This leads to an almost indestructible build, which is immune to physical human impacts and weathering. But why are these doors better than ordinary wooden or plastic doors? Door manufacturers have only recently engineered the composite door; therefore with this modernised experience there is the new introduction of improved knowledge and freedom.​

Properties of Liniar Windows

Over the years window engineering has improved dramatically and has been influenced by the idea of wanting more security and energy efficiency for homes around the world. Liniar windows are the most modernized design for window technology and have been designed to compliment today’s window engineering.


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