Without further ado, the 6 aluminium products we offer:

 Keep up with the latest trend – Aluminium home improvements.

Alitherm Heritage (Slim Line Aluminium) Windows

Alitherm Heritage provides the ideal solution for heritage application such as listed building renovations and large-scale replica-refurbishments project where planning constraints need to be considered.


The window is designed to be built as a series of horizontal modules which can be stacked using a horizontal coupler to form a multi-part window featuring a specially designed drip bar between modules.


In basic terms, this versatile aluminium window can be used singularly or joined together with others to create a large surface area aluminium window.


There are numerous benefits to choosing Alitherm Heritage aluminium windows. Not only will you achieve stunning aesthetics, but you’ll also experience a warmer home! With exceptional thermal performance, nasty, lingering draughts will be eliminated, which means you’ll no longer have to turn the heating up to combat breezes. 

So now you know the entire selection of aluminium product we offer! But, which one takes your fancy? Still unsure? Why not get in touch with one of our experts who will be able to provide you with all the information you will need. 

Alitherm 600 Casement Windows

A particular window style from the Alitherm range we offer is the Alitherm 600 Casement window. This style provides many solutions for residential and light commercial purposes. It can create the effect of traditional casement windows, inspired by elegance and styling of timber products or contemporary style windows designed for modern homes and offices.


From our providers Smart, the Alitherm 600 aluminium window utilises Smart’s innovative thermal technology to create a barrier between the cold air outside and the warm air inside. This means that the amount of thermal energy transmitted is reduced, meaning your home is warmer during those cold winters nights. 

Eco Futural Windows and Doors (Tilt and Turn)

Eco Futural is a versatile range of high-performance commercial window and doors suitable for uses as its tilt and turn, pivot, casement, fixed & open out casement windows. But, here at Elite Windows, we only offer the Tilt and Turn model.


There are multiple benefits to this aluminium window. By choosing an Eco Futural style, you can be guaranteed weather resistant and fully secure windows - just because the style doesn’t mean any less security.


Additionally, just like the previous styles, you can experience lower energy bills and increase thermal efficiency. 

Shopline (Commercial Screens and Doors)

If you are a commercial client of ours, you may benefit from our aluminium screens and doors. But, no for the technical bit…


Shopline is a modular screening solution, combining the benefits of off-site manufacture with on-site assembly. Screen modules are constructed off-site from square cut profiles joined using self-tapping screws. These modules can then be rapidly assembled on-site, intuitively clipping together the mullions to form one continuous screen. This rapid assembly method offers an economical solution for low rise screening with slim sightlines of 50mm.


Designed for the UK climate, all fixings on the screen are manufactured from corrosion resistant material to protect from various weathers. The system offers drainage trays, ensuring the screen’s performance in all climates – so you can be sure you aluminium screens and doors will last for years to come.


Robust, durable and suitable for multiple commercial purposes – Shopline is perfect for adding that modern touch to any building entrance. 

Visofold 1000 (Bi-folding Doors)

We have discussed bi-fold doors multiple times in our previous blogs; however, did you know they are made of aluminium? Yes really!


Visofold can be used in domestic applications as either an alternative to sliding doors or to open up an entire wall as part of a conservatory; the system will make the most of a beautiful view or bring a garden into the home.


Used for residential or commercially in a bar, café or restaurant, Visofold can create a glazed screen that allows in the maximum ingress of light in any weather, and will also easily glide to open up an entire wall in warmer weather.


Visofold doors offer a choice of opening configurations to suit any application. Choose to fold the sashes internally or externally, place the opening at the side, so the sashes all fold one way, at one end, to create a single entrance door for easy access, or in the middle to give the option of a double door.


Attractive, slim line and functional – aluminium bi-fold doors are perfect for family life and making your guests jealous. 

Visoglide 1000 (Patio Doors)

Similar to the Visofold 1000, Visoglide offers the same contemporary styling and robust performance associated with the system while delivering superior thermal performance.


This versatile system is suitable for use as either sliding commercial entrances where large opening apertures are required, or as dynamic residential sliding doors that maximise light and give stunning unimpeded views.


Visoglide profiles have been designed to improve both strength and weather resistance. All main sections feature an extended polyamide thermal break that allows Visoglide to achieve a U Value of 1.6 W/m²K when installing with a suitable sealed unit – not sure what that means, it means you will remain warm in the winter and cool in the summer! 

Here at Elite Windows, we have noticed an ongoing trend within the world of home improvements – Aluminium. Aluminium windows and doors have taken the improvement industry by storm in recent years. Offering impressive style, performance and is perfect for that ‘wow’ factor.


Therefore, we thought it was wise of us to delve deeper into the world of aluminium and tell you guys about how you could transform your home with Elite Windows. We have a range of Aluminium products that are sleek, modern and stunning. 

6 Aluminium Products We Install ​

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