Are you unsure whether it's time to replace your windows? Well, here at Elite Windows, we have provided our top 6 signs that tell you it is time to replace your windows. 

6 Signs Your Windows Need Upgrading.

Why is it essential to replace failing windows?


If you experience any of the signs above, it is time to listen to your windows and replace them. Like we discussed earlier, draughty windows can cause your energy bills to be 10% to 25% higher. If it seems like your energy bills increase each month, it is very likely that your windows are not functioning. By replacing your windows, you will automatically reap benefits. No longer will you experience cold breezes your heating bill will begin to decline.


Also, by upgrading your windows, you can improve the security of your home with stronger glass and new and advanced locking systems. You can have peace of mind that you and your family are safe.


If you are considering selling your home, it is vital to consider the look of your property. Windows are a prominent feature of a home; if they look worn, your house will too! With upgrading your home's appearance, you can increase your curb appeal and make your home more attractive to potential buyers. 





With home improvement projects being costly and time-consuming, we understand how easy it is to put off replacing your windows until it becomes absolutely vital. Even though your house may not be able to talk to you literally, it can tell you when something isn't right. Windows are especially communicative, so listen to them. Windows will display key signs when they are starting to become worn-out and in need of replacing. 


To translate what your windows are telling you, here at Elite windows we have listed our top 6 signs that your windows need upgrading. In this blog we will discuss the signs to look out for and why it is essential to replace your old windows. 



Do you feel a slight breeze from your windows even when they aren't open? If so, there could be many issues including poor insulation, faulty seals and more! A draughty window can drastically change the over temperature of your home. Which ultimately causes your heating system to work twice as hard to keep your home nice and warm. If you replace your windows, you will notice no annoying draughts and your home will be more heated.

1.  Draught Near Your Window

2. Single Paned Windows 



There is a very good chance if your house was built before 1970, and still has its original windows, they are single panned glass. Single Panned Glass windows are not efficient. In today's standards, to get A-rated windows, windows usually feature double or triple glazing. Over the years, your single paned windows have lowered in efficiency and doing more harm than good. They are sub-standard, draught and occasionally unsafe.


Another fault of single panned windows is their lack of ability to keep out UV rays. If you have noticed your furniture and carpets beginning to fade, this could be a result of UV light rays coming through your windows and fading colours. By replacing your windows, you can upgrade to laminated or tinted glass that will help block UV rays. 



It is a clear sign that you need to replaced your windows if you can hear sound from outside. If you can hear every car, sneeze or footstep that happens outside, its time to upgrade your windows, even though earlier in this blog we said windows could talk to you, they shouldn't be howling or whispering as these suggest your windows are old and providing you with little protection from the outside. Your windows may not be sealed correctly or were poorly made, to begin with. New double or triple pane glass windows can decrease outside noise. This is especially helpful if you live in a busy neighbourhood or on a busy road. Get a better nights sleep with new, upgraded windows. 

3. Noise From Outside

4. Windows Are Beginning To Stick & Hard to Operate 



Do you experience difficulty when opening, closing and locking your windows? This usually happens when the tracks begin to wear or when the window is swelling when it shouldn't. It may be a result of dirt and grit being stuck; however, the most effective solution is window replacements. Don't risk the safety of your home by leaving this issue unattended to. Elite Windows can help provide you new, improved windows. 

5. Damaged, Chipped and Water Damage



If your windows are soft to the touch and chipped, it is likely that they are already damaged beyond repair. Even though it is possible to repair a window instead of replacing it, with warped, broken or damaged, the only solution is to replace them. Soft window frames indicate rot and water infection. Therefore, to avoid damp and mould, upgrade your windows.

6. Condensation Between Panes



Leading on from our last indicator, moisture should never get between the panes of a healthy window. If you can see water droplets and frosting between the layers of glass, this tells you that the seal between the panes has been damaged. This is a clear sign that you need to replace your windows. 

Do you need to replace your windows? Elite Windows can help.



If any our 6 signs apply to your windows – we can help you. Elite Windows have an extensive range of windows for you to choose from, all available for you at a competitive price. Contact our team today to discuss the perfect window for your home.



6 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Windows  

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Obviously, some signs are clear indicators that your windows need replacing. However, some are subtler – as long as you know what to look for, it's not too hard to spot them. We will go through both the visible and subtler indicators to help you decided whether it is time to replace your windows.

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