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Whatever door you choose, here at Elite Windows, you will not only increase your home's efficiency and security, but you will also achieve stunning aesthetics.


Therefore if you live in Peterborough and are looking for a door that is thermally efficient, maintenance-free and lasts for years to come – Elite Windows are the team for you. So don’t hesitate, contact our tradesmen today.


Be home confident with Elite Windows Peterborough! 


Feeling like your home needs a facelift? Or are you worried about the upcoming energy bills for winter? While there are plenty of home improvement options, changing your home's doors can be one of the most simple and effective. The Elite Windows Team, located in Peterborough, can supply you with an excellent wide range of doors, from the front and back to the patio and french doors; we have you covered. We have a door for every one of your wants and needs.


A front and back door for everyone!


Our range of composite and uPVC front doors can maintain the traditional appearance of a timber door but benefit from modern-day thermal performance – offering up to six times the insulation than your standard timber door! This means keeping your home's heat inside and lowering energy bills simultaneously. 


Our range of composite and uPVC front and back doors are designed to match perfectly with our window range to create a coordinated appearance for your home. With matching sidelights, let in more light. You can personalise your front door to welcome visitors with a stylish entrance! (Nothing like creating a bit of neighbour envy)


Family-Friendly Patio Doors

Elite windows are proud to offer one of the only door systems that includes a family-friendly low threshold option without needing a major renovation to your home. 


You have complete control when choosing your style, choosing from 2, 3 or 4-pane types while selecting them from our extensive range of colours -- ensuring your doors complement your windows and home. Our team can carry out your patio installation within a day. Don't forget we also offer an Aluminium Sliding Door System option.


Doors for every trend! 


Our Bi-fold doors are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a sleek, smooth modern appearance while allowing an increase in your living space. Bi-fold doors are available in PVCu, Aluminium or even in a woodgrain effect! As always, the choice is yours. 


What's wrong with tradition? We also offer French Doors and Stable Doors for those searching to add a classic appearance to their homes. Our French doors are either 'open in' or 'open out' style to suit your living space and provide your home with a beautiful and secure entrance – complete with a range of patented low and ultra-low threshold options.


If you're located in Peterborough or near Peterborough, don't hesitate to contact our team today and give your house the doors it deserves! 



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