Energy efficiency explained

One of the most effective ways of bringing household energy bills down and saving energy is by installing energy efficient windows, doors and roofs.


Our Liniar frames outperform many of the other leading brands in the UK, where thermal efficiency is concerned- mainly due to their innovative PVCu multi-chambered profile design.


The lower the U-values the higher the doors effectiveness comes into play, the doors keep the temperatures maintained inside during winter and open out for coolness in the summer. 

Designed for you

The Liniar bi-fold door range is designed for modern living. They have been built to create the perfect summer ambience for your home, it is equally as important that our doors withstand the worst of the British winter weather.


Timber or aluminium are often noted as the only materials that can be used for bi-fold doors, but doors made from lead-free PVCu can actually offer a lot more benefits than others, such as:

  • Smoother operation
  • Higher thermal efficiency
  • Lower Maintenance
  • Can perfectly match your other doors and windows


With a vast range of colours and styles you can rest assured that we have the right style to suit your home and add that contemporary flare your home needs for the summer and the open space for the winter.


Linar’s bi-fold doors also offer ModLok, ModLok is a security system that Liniar implement in their products and this guarantees and ensures that all of their products come with great strength and rigidity, combining all of the structural benefits of an aluminium door set with the energy efficiency of a PVCu set.


The shoot bolt locking mechanism design is installed into each bi-fold door and ensures that the door is bolted firmly into the stainless steel track and frame, maximising your security for a peace of mind that although the doors look beautiful, no security has been compromised and your home is safe.


With the innovation of bi-fold doors becoming more and more popular, the design and style of such a door will always be changing and keeping up with the latest style.

So why not treat your home to a fresh new finish? Open up a room and let the outdoors in. You never know, they might be exactly what you are missing and it could reinvent your home!​

Add the 'wow' factor to your home with our bi-fold doors!

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Bi-fold doors bring something different, modern and unique to your home. Being able to open up an entire wall of your room, creating space and letting fresh air and natural daylight flood into your home brings completely unique style to your home.


We specifically supply Liniar’s bi-fold doors, they were the first bespoke PVCu bi-fold doors to be designed and engineer in the UK and we believe they are still the best.


Installing bi-fold doors into your home not only brings your home a completely modern and unique feature, but they are also available in a range of colours and styles all with a completely bespoke ultra-slim build, providing your room with a modern appearance. 

If the only thing holding you back from having bi-fold doors installed is safety, then you wont have to worry anymore. Our bi-folding doors come with the best safety features from in-ground locks to double glazing; it even allows wheelchair accessibility.


Energy efficiency is becoming a factor that is considered more and more beneficial within households as it brings down household energy bills, which we all know and dislike. Liniar’s bi-folding doors not only offer the exceptional household efficiency, but also the best security features along with bringing your home a completely modern and fresh look by bringing the outside in.

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