With an innovative and modern design, these foldable doors are worth your money.

The design ideas have helped us here at Elite Windows, to be able to provide you with the exceptional quality bi-folding doors, and that is what has kept us as the number 1 choice for home improvements. Working with Liniar® and their products is something we take pride in, and today we will be discussing why their Alumina-foiled bi-folding doors are highly worth the installation.​

What can you expect to get from an Alumina-foiled, bi-fold in comparison to a standard bi-fold? ​

Most commonly, a cheap bi-folding door will result in a low-quality product that is guaranteed to only last for a short period of time. Some tradesmen will sell bi-folds, which are made of wood, and weak aluminium, which will deteriorate under harsh weather and constant use that is why we make sure all of our bi-folding doors are Alumina-foiled.



Just like the rest of Liniar®’s products, Alumina-foiled bi-folds are energy efficient and long-lasting. If you can guarantee anything, you can ensure a home that is much warmer, even during the winter, when you have an Alumina bi-fold installed. We are not exaggerating when we say Liniar® bi-folding doors are excellent at saving you money on your energy bills, with U-values as low as 1.2W/m2K you can guarantee a warmer home and lowered heating expenses.

Not only will you reduce your carbon footprint and benefit the environment, but also, investing in an Alumina-foiled bi-fold will save you money in the long run. Everybody wants to reduce the cost of his or her energy bills, and an effective way to do this would be through installing an improved bi-folding door. Although energy efficiency is one of the door’s most prominent benefits, there are still plenty more advantages, including their exceptional appearance, function and weather resistant properties.


Liniar® is known for being the first company to offer homeowners bespoke, PVCu bi-folding doors. The business created a revolution in the home improvements industry, allowing us to provide sustainable and custom-made bi-folding doors that provide efficient thermal insulation. 

What even is Alumina by Liniar®?

Alumina has been introduced into the manufacture of many products produced by Liniar®, this new product offers increased security, lower u-values, precise lines and the ability to allow the bi-folding door to fold completely.


The company became the first window supplier to offer a full suite of matching products, including A-rated window and bespoke bi-folding doors. Some of the most popular colours include Anthracite and realistic wood finishes, this is because the Alumina bi-folds offer a beautiful contemporary style that looks fantastic on any kind of home.


The newest bi-folding doors can reach up to 6.5m wide and 2.5m high, they also all come with high-security locking mechanisms, A-rated efficiency and a smooth glide. We highly recommend choosing Alumina bi-folding doors as we understand their many benefits, they don’t just look pretty, they offer so much more than you think.


With the improved design of bi-folding doors, you can achieve an effortless transition between the inside and out, creating space in your home whenever you need it. Alumina bi-folds are easy-to-use and can be closed completely or easily secured at your disposal. 

Have our Alumina-foiled bi-folds caught your eye?

If you’re after quality and a door that requires little maintenance, then we highly recommend Alumina bi-folding doors. They look great on your home, they save you money and they allow you to control an entire wall, what more could a homeowner possibly ask for?​


Innovative design


All of the features found within an Alumina bi-folding doors have been carefully designed by professional engineers, ensuring they meet the best standards of function. 


Professionally tested


Alumina bi-folds have been security and either tested, ensuring they offer the best reliability and are ergonomically outperforming standard bi-folds. 




There is a range of opening and closing configurations, with 1 to 7 panes available at one time; you can achieve the bi-fold you have always wanted.


Customer choice


Alumina bi-folding doors come in an extensive range of colours, styles and sizes. We are guaranteed to be able to match your home or install something quirky, depending on your individual preference. 


Now we have explained the Alumina bi-folding in detail, do you think that you could do with its benefits? If you would like a beautiful door that keeps your home warm or cool, then we highly recommend considering an Alumina bi-folding door. We install bespoke, bi-folding doors that can increase the overall energy efficiency in your home and reduce your energy bills dramatically. If interested, we are more than happy to give more information on Alumina bi-folds and help you find the right one for your home.


Here’s why you should be choosing Alumina-Foiled, Bi-Folding Doors. ​

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Liniar® are well known for their gracious research into helping make homes more energy efficient by manufacturing A-rated windows and doors. Proudly, we receive most of our stock from this prestigious company, so we can offer homeowners the best quality products, for the best price.


In this blog, we will be talking about the reason why we are starting recommend Alumina bi-folding doors. If you know about bi-folds already, you will know that they are foldable doors which allow you to open up the inside of your home to the outside. However, with an increasing popularity, the properties of a bi-fold have had to change to ensure they provide the best qualities for the user. That is why the manufacturing team at Liniar® have been working excessively hard to improve on the structure of bi-folds, introducing concepts that push the boundaries of modern-day design.



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