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The Alumina Bi-fold door features has been created for a complete innovative and unique purpose, their contemporary features include folding keys, ergonomic handles and discreet magnets. 

Innovative Design

Like all of our products, Alumina Bi-fold doors come in a variety and extensive range of colours and styles so you can be rest assured that we have the right colour and style for you and your home. From handles and hinges we can sculpt the perfect door for you. 

Customer Choice


The Alumina Bi-Fold door has been security and weather tested under the extremities of the demanding requirements of PAS 24 and Secured by Design. 


The Alumina Bi-fold doors are available in a range of opening and closing configurations. Available from 1 to 7 panes they can truly be tailored to your requirements.


Alumina Foiled Bi-Folding Doors

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Elite Windows

The design team at Liniar are always conjuring innovative designs that push the boundaries for product development- constantly challenging design restrictions and finding clever solutions which we pride in providing for our customers. 


Their design work and innovative ideas have helped us to provide exceptional quality windows, doors and conservatories, making us a first choice for home improvements.


The latest concoction from Liniar has been the Alumina by Liniar. Alumina are beautiful, aluminium bi-folding door systems, carefully structured and tailored to match perfectly with their renowned extensive and beautiful range of home improvement products.


What can i expect for an Alumina foiled, bi-fold door?


Just like the majority of their products, Alumina bi-fold doors are extremely energy efficient, with U-values as low as 1.2W/m2K. Not only is this a benefit that will reduce your carbon footprint, but it will also save you money on household energy bills. Being more energy efficient is at the forefront of our priorities as well as ensuring you a reliable and exceptional installation. 


We are very happy to be working with the first company to launch such a bespoke PVCu bi-folding door system.


So, what is Alumina by Liniar?


Alumina by Liniar offers high security, low U-values, sculptured lines and the ability to make a whole wall open up. Liniar has become the first window system company to offer a full suite of fully matching products for any home and we are happy to be partners with them.


For bi-folding doors up to 6.5 metres wide and 2.5 metres high, with high security locks, low U-values and a smooth glide - we recommend Alumina.


Bi-folding are a great way of creating an effortless transition between the inside and outside. Their simple opening and closing mechanism along with bespoke hinges and locks provide great accessibility for you whilst maintaining great security when static. With such benefits put together with our choice of styles, colours, pane combinations and handles; they make a very popular choice. Bi-fold doors come with very little maintenance so there’s not much work involved with them, they’re reliable, aesthetically pleasing and very energy efficient. 


The Liniar team has continued to design and develop new products.You can now choose a fully matching installation so your home can look consistently good throughout, regardless of which room, with the highest quality products including:



Sliding patio doors up to 4 panes wide

Conservatory and lantern roofs

Flush sash timber-replica windows

French doors with or without sidelights

Residential and composite doors

Soffits, fascia boards and trims

Decking and fencing

You can even choose a matching silicone for a seamless finish.  


 This extensive range will ensure your home is installed with not only a very reputable standard of equipment, but some of the best looking equipment - allowing you to feel confident with your home both within the maintenance and exterior view. 



This is a mockup. Publish to view how it will appear live.

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