Having advance significantly, aluminium windows benefit from developments in fabrication with excellent thermal properties, available in A, B, and C rated forms. High performance aluminium windows are able to meet or exceed energy efficiency standards. Is it cold in your house despite consistently turning up the heating? Your older, plastic window may be letting out heat. Aluminium windows will save you money long term, ensuring that heat cannot escape. With aluminium windows, heat gain and loss can be improved by 60%. Your heating can be turned down, and therefore your energy bills will be lower.

Thermal performance

Aluminium is a full sustainable product. It’s recyclable and non-toxic, leaving a minimal carbon footprint. Being high in thermal efficiency, aluminium windows ensure that your home requires less heating. Keeping heat in and preventing it from escaping reduces your energy use, contributing to environmental improvements.

Environmentally friendly

Windows with long lifespans mean less money being spent long term – and less stress in the future when choosing a different window. Aluminium glazing has a life span on 20 – 30 years, which is considerably more resistant to the outside elements. The corrosion resistant qualities of aluminium provide a low maintenance frame, in which unlike many other materials, it will not swell, crack, split or warp over time. Aluminium windows are also weather proof, keeping its shape and colour under a range of harsh environmental conditions.

Durability and low maintenance

Working to exact specifications means that with aluminium windows, the only limitation is your imagination when deciding your design. With the ability to have framework in any colour, and alongside the array of glass options and finishes, you can achieve the window of your dreams.


Aluminium windows have grown in today’s home improvement industry. Aesthetically pleasing and secure, maintenance free and environmentally friendly, aluminium windows are an excellent means of saving money long term with their insulation capabilities. Available in virtually every colour, aluminium windows offer a vast range of possibilities.

Design flexibility


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Strong and secure, aluminium windows both keep your home insulated and allow maximum light in. Having endless benefits, aluminium windows have advanced significantly in popularity in recent years. Nowadays, aluminium windows offer a vast range of advantages in which its minimal, slim profile maximises views to allow you to make the most of your garden or the landscape.


Aluminium windows have become the choice over standard windows. Materials used in aluminium have many advantages over plastic, gaining an increased market share. Plastic windows are rare on homes nowadays, in which modern architects state that such windows are too bulky and cumbersome.

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