Why do we recommend double-glazing over a standard window?​


There are many benefits of having our double glazed windows installed in your home. If comfort is important to you, then our double glazing windows are perfect for you. With a thicker frame of glass, your heating is preserved, and draughts are permanently excluded. 
Energy efficiency is the primary advantage, saving homeowners a lot of money on their energy bills, especially during the colder months when we rely on our central heating.

Lower your energy bills


If there is one bill that we all fear receiving during the cold months of the year, it's the energy consumption bill. Most homes have standard windows rather than double glazing, and allow heat to easily escape. Double glazing windows, however, have denser glass. This prevents the loss of heat in your home, improving your thermal conservation and therefore, your energy bills.

Your carbon footprint is reduced


Our double glazing has been designed to conserve both your energy efficiency and your surroundings. Our windows are Low E (low emissivity), they massively reduce the amount of heat, which escapes, protecting the environment and preventing the cold temperatures from entering your home. 

Increased comfort


The thicker glass that double glazed windows have, creates a warmer home and more comfortable environment. The windows stop heat from escaping and cold air from coming into your home. You're able to sit near your windows and feel no chill at all.


Controlled condensation


Most standard windows are installed with only a single panel of glazing.  Therefore, condensation often forms on the glass and eventually freezes which makes the room feel colder. Condensation can also stain your windowsills. Our double glazed windows block out the moisture (especially during colder weather) and therefore significantly reduce the amount of condensation.


Better home security and safety 


Due to the two panes of reinforced glass attached to each other, double glazed windows are almost impossible to break into. Safety in your home is of top priority, so why not have double glazed windows installed to protect you and your family?



Do you want to save money and improve your energy efficiency?  ​


It's all well and good being told about energy efficiency and how good a window is with keeping out the cold, but how do you measure its thermal efficiency? The energy emitted from a window is measured on a scale of A-G. 'A' being the most efficient and 'G', allowing a mass amount of heat to escape. Once the efficiency of a window has been identified on the scale, it will then be issued with a U-scale, where heat is measured at how quickly it passes through the material.  


Switching your windows to double glazing comes with many benefits. Not only will you be better off financially, but you will also see a drastic improvement in the temperature of your home. You can now sit comfortably near your window, and enjoy a warm space even during winter. 

Although our windows rely primarily on double glazing to be energy efficient, both the window pane and the frame contribute to saving you money on your energy bills. 


How can you tell if a window is energy efficient?

Noise is reduced


Double glazing has become an effective barrier between your home and outside noise pollution. If you live near a busy road or street, we highly recommend our double glazed windows. Furthermore, double glazing keeps the noise inside your home, from being heard outside, which protects your privacy. Once installed, you'll notice a difference in noise right away.


Improved longevity 


Our double glazed, Low E windows, are guaranteed to last years longer than your standard windows. With the right maintenance, your new windows can be looking and performing their best for a lifetime.



Although the double glazing in our windows is the primary factor that allows your home to be energy efficient, both the window and pane spacers contribute too. The PVCu frames that surround the double glazing are built to withstand harsh weather, therefore is a window designed with optimum endurance to block out the cold and maintain heat in your home.  


Increased property value 


Many people these days would prefer to have double glazed windows in their home than single glazed. Therefore if you ever put your house on the market, you'd most likely receive a lot more interest from potential buyers.



7 Benefits Of Choosing Double-Glazing

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