Why do we recommend double-glazing over a standard window?​


Elite Windows are always promoting double-glazing for windows, as we understand the many benefits that they provide. Energy efficiency is the primary advantage, saving homeowners a lot of money on their energy bills, especially during the colder months when we rely on our central heating. Double-glazing is also suitable for people who look to reduce their carbon-footprint; this improved form of glass is beneficial to helping the environment, therefore making it more important to recommend.


If comfort is important to you, then we suggest double-glazing. With a denser frame of glass, your heating is preserved and draughts are permanently excluded, what could be better than that? Well, follow this blog to find out more about how double-glazing can benefit you. 

1. They lower your energy bills


Bills are a nightmare, especially our energy bills during the winter months. If it were one bill that we all fear to receive during the cold parts of the year, it would always be the energy consumption bill. Most homes have standard windows installed, leading to draughts and an easy way for heat to escape.


If you have double-glazing, however, the thickened glass prevents colder temperatures from evading your home, and best of all improve on your thermal conservation. During winter, you can expect to see a dramatic improvement in energy efficiency and your energy bills will be coming in much lower than you expect. So, with both financial and thermal benefits, what more could you want from the glass in your home?

2. Your carbon footprint is reduced


Helping make your lives easier is just as important as helping out the environment around us. That’s why our double-glazing has been designed to help conserve both your energy efficiency and your surroundings. As our windows are Low E (low emissivity), they massively reduce the amount of heat, which escapes, protecting the environment and preventing the cold temperatures from reaching the inside of your home. So, overall you are contributing beneficially to both your lifestyle and the survival of the environment you live in. 

3. Increased comfort


With thicker glass, comes a warmer home and with a warmer home, you are guaranteed the best comfort. It can be irritating feeling a draught sitting near your windows, however with double-glazing you can sit next to your windows and feel no chill at all. The windows are coated with an invisible layer of metal oxide, located in the centre of the panes. The metal oxide allows natural sunlight into your property however it reduces the amount of heat that escapes.


During winter you can also conserve your energy, using less heating than you would have previously needed. As double-glazing prevents heat from escaping easily, your home will remain warmer and therefore save you from wasting energy and raising your heating bills.


5. Controlled condensation


Usually, with your most standard window, condensation forms on the glass and eventually freezes, making the room feel colder. Most standard windows are installed with a single panel of glazing, however with advanced, double-glazing technologies you can permanently prevent condensation issues.


Condensation used to stain our windowsills and make our rooms a cold, moist environment, however with double-glazing you can reduce the amount of condensation that builds up. As the window has airtight properties, it blocks out the moisture, especially during the colder weather where it is most problematic. 


6. Better home security and safety 


With double-glazing technologies, your window becomes a lot harder to break through. With two panes of reinforced glass attached to each other, breaking in through double-glazed windows is near enough impractical.


You will dramatically reduce crime and you yourself will feel a lot safer if you choose to invest in double-glazing. After all, your safety is the biggest concern and to help you improve on that matter, we actively recommend our Low E windows. 


Do you want to save money and improve your energy efficiency? Double-glazing will help you do just that. ​


There are many benefits to expect from switching your windows to double-glazing, not only will you be at a financial advantage, but you will also see a drastic improvement in the temperature of your home. You can now comfortably sit near a window, or in your conservatory, and enjoy a peaceful, warm space even during winter.


Although our windows primarily rely on double-glazing to be energy efficient, both the window frame and the pane spacers contribute to saving you money on your energy bills. The PVCu frames surrounding the double-glazing are built to withstand the harshest of weather, guaranteeing a window designed for optimum endurance.


How can you tell if a window is energy efficient?




It’s all great being told about energy efficiency and how good a window is with keeping out the cold, but how do you measure its thermal efficiency?


Energy emitted from a window is measured on a scale of A to G, A being the most efficient and G allowing a mass amount of heat to escape. Once a window has been identified on the A-G scale, it will then be issued with a u-value, where heat is measured at how quickly it passes through the material.



4. Noise is reduced


Thanks to the newest advancement in window technology, double-glazing has become an effective barrier against noise pollution. By installing double-glazed windows, you will hear an immediate improvement in how much noise is produced from the outside. If you live near a busy road or street, we highly recommend our double-glazing windows as they have the excellent ability to buffer the amount of noise that is emitted into your property, giving you peace and quiet.


Double-glazing creates a strong, effective barrier between the home and the outside, making it a perfect investment for homes in built-up areas or property near popular nightlife spots. Double-glazing is a must for anyone who would like to achieve a comfortable home, which is free from loud outside noise. 


7. Improved longevity 


With double the glass and double the performance, our Low E windows are guaranteed to last years more than your standard windows. With the correct maintenance, your double-glazing can be looking its best and performing to standards for a lifetime.


Whether it’s for your windows or a conservatory, wherever you choose to install double-glazing, you can expect nothing less than the best energy efficiency. As technologies have advanced, so has the design of double-glazing and we are proud to offer the best quality glazing to date that lasts longer than your standard window. 


7 Benefits Of Choosing Double-Glazing

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