Unsure if bi-fold doors are the next home improvement investment for your home? Elite Windows have compiled together 7 reasons why you should seriously consider investing in bi-fold doors. 



Imagine being able to open up an entire wall of your room, creating space and letting fresh air and natural daylight flood into your home. One of the most significant benefits of exterior bi-fold doors is that they remove the barrier between your garden and your indoor space. If you are a garden lover, or even if you merely enjoy the outside – by installing sliding doors you can have spectacular views from the comfort of your home.

Just think of the garden parties, outdoor dining, barbecues and any other spring or summer activities that you could host when the barrier between your home and garden is removed.

Additionally, by opening up a massive wall with glass doors is an excellent way to incorporate more natural light into your home. For small, dim spaces, the addition of bi-fold doors can do wonders for the brightness and general atmosphere of a room. 

1.  Blend the outdoors and indoors

2. Personalise your bi-fold to YOUR style 

3. Lower your energy bills

4. Advanced Security

5. Easy to maintain

6. Add value to your home



Our Liniar Bi-Fold door range was the first fully bespoke PVCu bi-folds to be designed, engineered and made in the UK – and we believe they are still the best. Available in a wide choice of openings configurations and colours, your bi-fold door can be made fully bespoke for your home.

Whatever your room size, or size of the opening, you can invest in a custom-made glass door. Additionally, to fit your home’s style, you can choose from a range of colours and finished to match your properties personality.

From Chartwell Green to Rosewood, modern, sleek black to wood grain foils – whatever you chose you can create a genuinely unique door. 

7. Create the illusion of more space



Many argue that bi-fold doors are not energy efficient – however, this is not the case. These style of entries is much more thermally efficient than traditional patio doors, eliminating nasty draughts.

With double or triple glazing options, there is little chance your sliding doors with be inefficient. Installing bi-fold doors, you will increase the energy efficiency in your home – which will ultimately save you money on your heating bills. You can save pennies and the environment!

Not only that, bi-fold doors can be opened in a variety of different way which means they can provide enhanced ventilation compared to conventional patio doors. So, there is little bi-fold don’t offer! 



Even though bi-folds are mostly a ‘wall of glass’, this model of door maximises your home’s security! Even though some argue bi-fold doors are less secure than ‘normal doors’, this is not correct. A feature of our sliding doors is a brand new concept in locking technology. Liniar have developed ‘Modlok’ to enable even wider door configurations. Combining the structural benefits of an aluminium door set with the thermal benefits of a PVCu – you can experience advanced security while saving yourself money.

Your door will feature locking systems spread across multiple points rather than just one. This makes your door more secure than a single entry. 



Sit back and relax as our bi-fold doors are made from maintenance-free material. You will not experience rot, peeling and erosion – but easy to wipe down PVCu or aluminium. Doesn’t that sound appealing?




Nothing compares to the sleek and incredibly stylish look of bi-fold doors. For one, the ability to create a seamless view of the outdoors is a huge benefit. Secondly, sliding doors have a chic, minimal look that is very popular among potential buyers.

We understand that high-quality bi-fold doors are not cheap – but they do add value to your home, making them a worthwhile investment. In the long term, your bi-fold doors can benefit your property. 




Many people wonder ‘are bi-fold doors worth it for small rooms?’ And the answer is undoubtedly a yes! Even in very compact areas, sliding doors can help create the illusion of more space because the slim frames and vast expanses of glass help draw the eye beyond the end of the room and to the outside. Bi-fold doors can certainly help the area look far more spacious than traditional French doors. 




Overall, bi-fold doors are durable, stunning and a worthwhile investment. If you’re considering investing a new back door, why not consider a modern, sleek set of bespoke bi-fold doors.

Here at Elite Windows we can supply and install our Liniar range of bi-folds. You are guaranteed to find your perfect set here with us – so contact the team today.


7 Reasons To Invest In Bi-Fold Doors 

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With their modern and sleek design, it is easy to see why bi-folding doors are becoming an increasingly popular home investment. They are eye-catching, instantly create a contemporary style and most importantly, add a ‘wow factor’ to any home. These foldable doors are a perfect way to open up your home, maximise the amount of light and create the illusion of more space.


However, here at Elite Windows, we often get asked by customers ‘why should I invest in a bi-fold door’? So we thought we would answer! We have compiled seven reasons why you should consider a sliding door installation for your home. Take a look at the vast range of bi-fold door advantages.


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