What are bi-folding doors made of? 


As you’ll find, most bi-folding doors are made of aluminium or timber, with some being made of both of these materials. Bi-folding doors however are more popularly made of aluminium; this is because this creates a lighter frame, which still achieves excellent energy efficiency. Both varieties of bi-folds provide effective thermal conservation; the preference of material is really just down to your preferred style.


Bi-folding doors are available in a range of colours, with grey being the most popular due to its contemporary elegance. However, although you will commonly find grey as the most predominant option you can still achieve many more colours, Elite Windows are proud to be one of these diverse supplies for bi-folding doors.


With any bi-fold you should expect to find more double-glazing than actual framework – this because this door is more or less designed for decorative purposes instead of security.  Bi-folding doors have been manufactured to create an aesthetic viewing point for homeowners and to allow people to open up an entire wall – which is particularly useful during the summer months.

Why should I install bi-folding doors? 


They’re practical and they’re a real modern statement with any home, what isn’t there to love with bi-folds? The possibilities with these doors are practically endless; did you know you could even install blinds between their glass panels? Well you certainly do now! Bi-folding doors are a modern advancement with door technology and they have been designed to provide a ‘wow’ factor to any home.


However, just because bi folding doors can open up an entire it doesn’t mean they’re not secure! When your bi folding is not ajar you can securely fasten the door and with the implemented locks and thick glazing, they’re more than safe.


Another benefit to consider is the excellent energy-saving properties that these doors offer. With reinforced frames and double or triple glazing options – bi folds cannot be faulted on their thermal properties. Installing a bi-folding door can guarantee you lowered energy bills and a warmer room during the colder months – these doors are also excellent at keeping out draughts. But, despite their tendency to keep your home warmer, during the hot summer days you can choose to open just 1, 2 or all the panels of your bi folding door at once to achieve the correct coolness inside.


Bi-folding doors are easy and quick to install and they last for long periods of time without changing in appearance or performance – even when they’re exposed to harsh weather.


If this will be your first time that you’re considering purchasing a bi-fold door you can be sure to only achieve benefits from it, with a few disadvantages. The cons however are not as worrying as you may think, for one the disadvantage of having a bi-folding door would be the fact that they’re only suitable for people with gardens or patio areas, you couldn’t really install them anywhere else in your home – plus they need the space to be able to stretch out completely and fold. 

Is it worth it?

Yes, owning a bi-folding door is more than worth it and we’re not even being biased here. Bi-folding doors are becoming more and more popular as time progresses, not to mention they win the hearts of both the owner and people who come across them.


On the plus side, bi-folding doors are quite affordable and yet make a grand improvement to anyone’s way of living. You can also invest in the alternative of a bi-folding door known as a ‘sliding’ or ‘patio’ door, which again, has a number of panels – however instead of folding they do what the name suggests. Sliding doors allow you to open up at least half of you wall and the panels easily slide back on one another for an easy access point.

Bi-Folding doors for beginners​

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Modern, classy and somewhat eye-catching; bi-folding doors have won the hearts of many homeowners with their unique compact design and ability to open up an entire room to the garden. These foldable doors are an excellent way to open up your home to the outside, maximising your living space and allowing more natural light into the room. Even though they cant grant you with more space, they provide the illusion that you have more to both you and to your visitors.


Elite Windows have put together this blog on bi-folding doors to help enlighten people with what to expect and look out for, if they’re considering having one installed. We have covered some of the benefits you can expect to find alongside their structure, additional benefits and TLC requirements. 



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