What benefits would you get from owning a bi-folding door?

1. Little to no maintenance required


With all bi-folding doors, they have been designed to last long under all types of weather conditions. Whether rain, snow or gale force winds – bi-folding doors remain intact in both performance and appearance. The only thing you will need to do is clean the door with a light detergent and water every other month. Luckily, bi-folds are quick and easy to clean, with a small, thin frame and double-glazing, it is easy to pinpoint dirt and ensure a thorough clean of your door. 

2. Enhance the natural lighting and vitamin D intake


With bigger windows and smaller frames, a bi-folding door allows you to let maximum lighting into your room. It is always healthy to receive daylight where you can, which is entirely achievable by installing a bi-folding door into your room.


Unlike your standard sliding doors, a bi-fold allows you to open up an entire wall, connecting your room to your garden in seconds. However, when you finish, you can close the door, forming a physical barrier between the outside and your room. Furthermore, if you’re tired of the sun, you can choose to easily install blinds into your bi-folding doors that allow you to control how much lighting enters the room optionally. 

3. Better security


You would think that a door with many panels would be easy to break into; fortunately, that isn’t the case! With a bi-folding door, there are locks at different points of the door’s sliding track, here the door remains secure and becomes impenetrable. Unlike your standard door that has one central lock, a bi-fold has several bolts spread across it, maximising safety and stability. 

4. Compact and flexible


If a bi-folding door is anything, it is more than practical. Unlike your typical sliding door, a bi-folding door allows you to thoroughly fold your ‘wall’ to provide you with more space. Our standard front and back doors are typically immobile, and can't move; however, bi-folding doors can be optional opened as wide as you’d like.


Bi-folding doors are perfect for you if you are hosting a gathering or a family BBQ and you would like quick and easy access to your home. Not only are they practical, but they also provide your room with the illusion of more space and allow you to open your place up on warmer days. 

5. Aesthetically pleasing


Surprisingly, bi-folding doors are available in a range of colours and styles, allowing homeowners to find the perfect one to complement or re-style their home. As bi-folds are contemporary home improvement, you can see them in many unique colours, including anthracite grey and realistic wood finishes. Whether you would like to achieve a vintage look or a complete, modern style – there is a bi-folding door out there to suit your preferences. The good thing about bi-folding doors is the fact they look great from both the inside and the outside, giving you double the aesthetic.


Bi-folding doors are practically walls that move; therefore you can find bi-folding doors that blend into your brickwork or you can see colours, which ultimately make the door, stand out. As mentioned previously, you can also choose to have blinds installed between the glasses; this provides your home with an improved contemporary look and feel. 

6. Garden access


Installing a bi-folding door is the perfect way to bring the outdoors, indoors. As these doors consist of multiple panels, you can selectively choose to open your door halfway or all the way to completely reveal your garden or allow for easy access in your backyard. Bi-folding doors are especially beneficial for wheelchair users or people with reduced mobility as they’re easy to operate and allow for quick and easy entry into your home and garden.


Homeowners who are into modern home improvements will find bi-folding doors exceptionally useful and stylish at the same time. However, despite offering a modern look, bi-folds can also create a traditional appearance in your home, especially with the wooden finishes.

Stunning, practical and impressive doors

There are many more benefits associated with choosing a bi-folding door, but we would be here for a while. You have the advantage of improved energy efficiency, especially with the double and triple glazing windows, and the benefit of an extended lasting door.


If you’re interested in having a bi-folding door for yourself, we are more than happy to provide you with a quote and offer expert advice on this stylish home improvement.

6 Advantages of Installing Bi-Folding Doors

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Bi-folding doors are some of the newest advancements in door technology today, offering homeowners something contemporary and practical to improve their home and lifestyle. These doors are considered a luxury home improvement and make any home look the part, whether your home is new or traditional.


Folding doors are the only PVCu range that allows a smooth opening and closing action, making them effortless to use by anyone. All bi-folding doors have slim-line frames, making them discreet and stylish for your home. They also come with bespoke hinges and are available in a vast range of colours, patterns and finishes to help you achieve your ideal aesthetic. 

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