Pivot windows are essentially casement windows, just with another opening apparatus. These windows are commonly used as roof windows in apartments and townhouses. With that being said, pivot windows aren't limited to just roof windows. They're a very popular option for living spaces too as they let in a lot of light. These windows don't just come in a rectangular shape, but in circle and even oval. As well as this, they provide excellent ventilation., due to the pivot dividing the window into two. Airflow can naturally enter through one side and exit through the other.

Tilt and Turn Windows 


Tilt and Turn windows are a popular choice for homeowners - due to their security (no one can fit through). Furthermore. they have excellent weatherproofing. You'll usually find them in more contemporary homes, although they can be used in traditional homes also. Ideal for small spaces though, they can be angled into the room and be opened entirely or only a little. Again, providing great ventilation variation. 

Picture Windows


Picture, or fixed windows, are great in rooms where airflow is not of importance - because they don't open. Usually, they're a large pane of glass (often used on a feature wall). Although these windows aren't able to open, many homeowners add other types of windows on either side of the picture window. This way, air can still be let in. This design of windows come in many different shapes and sizes, such as square and arch. Because they don't have an opening mechanism, they're suited to hard to reach spaces that would benefit from light. 

Sash Windows


The 'sash' refers to the two pains of glass on a window. The sashes can slide up or down. Unlike a traditional casement window that opens on a hinge, a sash window features two sashes that slide up and down. When deciding on sash windows, you can choose between horizontal and vertical sliders and double or single hung sash windows. Furthermore, sash windows add value to your property, as they're both practical and aesthetically pleasing. They can also be easily cleaned, especially as the panes are able to slide up and down.

Bay Windows


Suited for both modern and traditional homes, bay windows project outward, giving the illusion of space and depth in a room. They usually have angular lines and flat panes, which is very appropriate for modern homes. A Bay window is a combination of three or more windows. However, there are different shapes and style of bay windows, such as box and bow. The Box Bay window is shaped like a box (hence the name). This style usually incorporates a roof, flat sides and front. Bow windows are also a common type of bay window, with at least four semi-circular/curved panes of glass.



Often chosen for their practicality, Casement windows allow maximum light into your rooms. They're also the most common type of window used in more traditional homes. Available in a range of styles, such as top hung, side hung, or vertically sliding (typical in period homes) - they also come in arched as well as square. Casement windows can be opened to varying degrees, providing a decent amount of ventilation variation. They also allow ample amounts of sunlight and visibility to pass through into your home!

Different Types of Windows 

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In terms of aesthetics, windows play a significant role in your home. With a type of window for every home, the possibilities are endless; from traditional Casement to Sash, and Bay windows. Whether your home is traditional or modern, we can advise on windows that are most suitable for your home. This blog will take you through the most common types of windows.

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