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Allowing maximum light into your rooms, casement windows are aesthetically pleasing and are designed to meet your requirements. With slim sight lights for the greatest amount of light, your rooms will feel big and airy.


Often chosen for its practicality, reliability and efficiency, casement windows are available in a range of styles, such as side hung, top hung or vertically sliding.




Side hung, top hung and vertically sliding casement windows are typical in period homes. Available in beautiful shapes such as arched and square, side hung, top hung and vertically sliding casement windows are ideal for traditional homes. To add character and elegance to your home, choose casement windows.


Tilt and Turn


Ideal for maximum fresh air and ventilation, tilt and turn windows keep summer in and winter chills out. Tilt and turn windows provide easy access for cleaning, enabling windows to be scrubbed from inside – in the safest possible way.


Their energy efficient materials will help to keep you and your household warm – and your heating bills low.


Tilt and turn windows are ideal if you’re looking for a modern touch. Suiting more contemporary homes, tilt and turn windows add style and a current feel. With many practical benefits, tilt and turn offer homeowners more control over security and energy efficiency.


Flush sash


Looking for a window that will suit all buildings? Search no further. Flush sash windows are the latest development, offering the realism of a traditional window combined with the 21st century benefits.


Whether it’s placed on a modern townhouse or a country cottage, they look good. These windows can be foiled to look like traditional timber, suiting period homes or to offer a sleek, contemporary finish.


For a traditional timber window with the advantages of PVCu, or for a window that can be adapted to suit modern homes – choose flush sash.


Sash horn


With high weather resistance properties and security features, sash horn windows are an ideal choice for homes. Its integrated horns and security assured aspects ensure this. 

These sash horns also adds a taste of tradition. They’re ideal for period homes looking to maintain their charm. Whether you would like to incorporate a traditional feel in a modern home, or want to preserve your period home’s classical authenticity, sash horn windows are ideal.



With a 180 fully rotating pane, your window has never been easier to clean from the inside. Whether you’re living in a multi-storey home or your bedroom window is above a conservatory, pivot windows are an optimal choice for you.


A popular choice for offices, apartments and town houses and ideal for multi-storey buildings, pivot windows combine practicality with aesthetics. Newly designed, pivot windows are suited for contemporary buildings. Pivot windows are a bold design statement for modern homes, perfectly suiting those who would like a current look.


Adding to the modern feeling, pivot windows offer high levels of light. Practical and stylish, pivot windows are a great choice.


Bay and bow


For a large window that will flood light into your room, choose bay and bow windows. Both offer the versatility of creating an illusion of space and depth to your room. If you’re looking to add space in your rooms but don’t want the hassle and cost of additional building work, choose our affordable bay and bow windows.


There’s a difference, however! Bay windows have angular lines and flat panes that mean they’re often considered more appropriate for modern homes, whilst the semi-circular outer structure of a bow window is ideal for period homes – particularly homes of the Victorian era.


If you are specifically hoping for more floor space, bay windows protrude farther from the wall out into the exterior space. Bow windows frequently allow more light into a room, since they have more glass panes than bay windows.




Offering maximum natural light and more space, bi-fold windows will brighten your room. Ideal for those who will enjoy views with no restrictions, bi-fold windows suit conservatories and orangeries. Whether you’re living in a picturesque countryside or a in the heart of a city, bi-fold windows will provide a dazzling view worth gazing at.


Its ultra slim sightlines open up your home to more sunlight and provide your home with a stylish, sleek finish. Complementing both modern and traditional properties, bi-fold windows are available in either a sculptured suited for a decorative finish or chamfered option for a cleaner, contemporary appearance.


Also ideal for the commercial sector, bi-fold windows will transform a café or restaurant. Give your customers a beautiful view whilst they sip on coffee.


Having followed our guide, hopefully we have painted a clearer picture of the various windows available today. Now that your head is less fuzzy and you’re aware of which windows suit what, you can decide with confidence. Choosing might feel intimidating. During your decision, think about your home and your needs. Consider each individual window carefully and decide which window ticks the most of your requirements. Lastly, do not forget to choose a qualified supplier and installer. Be careful: you must ensure that they can provide windows that will benefit your home in practical ways, considering factors such as energy efficiency and safety (our company at Elite Windows ensures all!)

Different Types of Windows

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In terms of aesthetics, windows play a significant role on your home. Finding a window that suits your house and wants may prove difficult. With the many windows available today, you may feel overwhelmed during your choice. Square, octagonal, rectangular and even triangular, windows are offered in a variety of shapes. Being your visitor’s first sight, you may feel the pressure when choosing a window. We have devised together information that will guide you through your journey, making your decision an easier one. Whether your home is Victorian or contemporary, we can advise on windows that are most appropriate.


There’s a window for every home. Each type of window offers a special element. Homeowners are faced with decision of which window will offer this special element. From bay windows to flush sash windows, pivot windows to bi-fold windows, the possibilities are endless. You can achieve any look you want – meeting your needs and suiting your home.

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