Why You Should Get a New Front Door

Thinking of getting a new front door for your home? We have all the information you need to choose the perfect front door for your home!

Different types of windows

In terms of aesthetics, windows play a significant role on your home. Finding a window that suits your house and wants may prove difficult. With the many windows available today, you may feel overwhelmed during your choice. Square, octagonal, rectangular and even triangular, windows are offered in a variety of shapes. Being your visitor’s first sight, you may feel the pressure when choosing a window. We have devised together information that will guide you through your journey, making your decision an easier one. Whether your home is Victorian or contemporary, we can advise on windows that are most appropriate.

Looking After Your Composite Door

We understand that your composite door is a costly investment, that’s why Elite Windows have put together a blog to help our customers look after them it. Surprisingly, composite doors are one of the easiest types of doors to look after and require only little maintenance every so often.

Unlike wood and PVCu, composite doors have been manufactured for excellent longevity, saving homeowners from the dreaded weekly upkeep; instead these doors have been designed to retain aesthetic appeal for long periods of time.

The Different Types of Conservatories​

When investing in a conservatory there are many questions we ask ourselves, and one key query would be ‘what model would be best for me? We typically picture a conservatory to be made of white PVCu with a Victorian or Edwardian design concept however – the designs for these living spaces are endless. Depending on the size of your home and its aesthetics there are a variety of shapes available, with endless possibilities of customisation.

Not only do you have choice of aesthetics – the material is an important factor to consider. Although PVCu is the most common choice, you can introduce yourself to many other mediums including timber, metals and some can be made into the perfect, solid living space by combining both glass and brickwork. The ideas for your perfect conservatory are endless and this blog is will provide you with further knowledge of the models present at Elite Windows.

Cleaning your Conservatory the right way

Sometimes our everyday cleaning routine can be doing more damage than good, in this blog you'll find out the best way to clean your conservatory.


Why you should get a new front door for your home

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Front doors are one of the essential parts of your house. They keep you and your family safe, secure and warm inside. They also influence how good your home looks from the outside, bringing the exterior of your property together. They do wear out over time, especially if you live in an older home, which is why we think you should consider revamping your door not only for better insulation and security but for a fresher design too.


When it comes to front doors, there are three main choices: Wooden, uPVC and Composite. Let's have a quick rundown of the pros and cons for each:


Wooden Doors


Wooden front doors are the oldest, most used form of front door. As a society, we've used wooden doors for hundreds of years, and even now, it's seen as unbeatable for its timeless look and variety of colours and finishes. 

Wooden doors can be resized easily or painted to suit your home's aesthetic, making them exceptionally easy to customise to your needs. They're also available in various styles and finishes to suit any budget, so a wooden door is an excellent option for a style revamp with a limited budget.


There are drawbacks to a wooden front door, however. The look and the finish are so attractive. However, wooden doors aren't quite at the top of the list regarding hardiness and efficiency. If you have a front door made entirely of wood, it's far more vulnerable to the elements and risks splitting or water damage. They're also not the best for the insulation of your home. If you choose a wooden front door, you probably won't notice a decrease in energy bills, but if the rest of your home is energy efficient, this might not make a huge difference!


uPVC Doors


Only gaining popularity within the last 50 years, uPVC doors are made of a plastic material that's tough, budget-friendly and incredibly lightweight. They're also quite easy to self-install, so you probably won't have to hire a  joiner to fit a uPVC door either. You can expect a uPVC door to be more secure than a wooden front door, so you won't have to worry about splitting or weather damage.


Whilst uPVC is cheap to produce and more secure than a wooden door, their main drawback is that they aren't customisable. The finish of uPVC is standard, and unfortunately, you can't paint them. Most uPVC doors come in a classic white finish, so making a uPVC door look unique can be difficult.


Composite Doors


As I'm sure you can guess, composite doors are made from a mixture of materials, including PVC and various woods. In essence, this means that composite doors have all of the benefits of wooden and uPVC doors and very few negatives. They come in a wide variety of colours, styles and finishes and often appear the same to the naked eye as wooden doors, so you can still have that traditional, high quality finish without compromising on the security of your home. 


Composite doors do come with a higher price tag, however. Despite this, a more considerable investment in your front door will most likely mean saving money in the long run. Composite doors aren't very vulnerable to the elements, so you won't have to worry about weather damage. In addition, composite doors are incredibly efficient, so you could see a reduction in your energy bills too!


What Are You Waiting For? Get Your New Front Door Today!


So, armed with all of that information, you can go forth and give your home a fresh new look and improve your security for years to come! Here at Elite Windows, we offer an extensive range of doors for your home. Our friendly team of experts can guarantee a good service if you choose to refresh your home with us (we pride ourselves on it!). So contact us now for a quote; we're always here to help.

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