1. The PVCu frames


There are many standard, PVCu cleaning products available at nearly any local DIY store. PVCu is a polymer; therefore it can be easily damaged if not cared for carefully. Some bleaches and liquids erode away at the smooth outer layer of PVCu leaving behind permanent discolouration or an uneven surface.  


Your best bet is to find a PVCu-friendly cleaning product and equip yourself with either a soft sponge or cloth. Scouring pads, although effective at removing excessive dirt, do permanently damage your PVCu frames; the surface will be left with fine indents and scratches, which will be pretty much impossible to reverse. Using kitchen roll or even toilet roll is potentially damaging in the long run, they consist of lose fibres that will leave a negative impact on the finished result.


For the most effective cleaning measure however, start with dampening a sponge or cloth – soaking it in warm, soapy water. Next spray down the frames of your PVCu windows with a suitable detergent, avoiding the glass if possible. After, wipe down the frames, following the same movement around the entire frame. Apply enough pressure to remove any dirt, which can be easily removed, afterwards wipe the frame down more vigorously to remove dirt embedded in any crevices or within the corners of where the PVCu joins with the glass.


Avoid using tissue to dry the window instead your best option would be to let it dry normally unless you were not looking to wait then a dry cloth or sponge would do the trick. 

2. The glass


The glass of your PVCu window needs TLC to maintain it’s excellent transparency, shine and function. Whether its singular, double or triple glazing, your glass still needs regular upkeep to ensure it keeps looking and working its best.


Overtime windows can become hazy, build up smudges or reduce the amount of sunlight entering the room by dirt barricades. However, with the correct cleaning methods you can achieve a window that looks pretty much as good as new. You can purchase standard window surface cleaning products from any given supermarket, however you can invest in more expensive detergents if you are looking for a much clearer finish.


However, with your chosen cleaner you are going to need a cloth or large sponge either way. Spray the glass with your chosen detergent and let it sit for a few seconds. 


3. Self cleaning glass


If continuous maintenance isn't something you're looking for, then self cleaning glass is a highly recommended product for you. Pilkington Activ™is the first existing, self-cleaning glass option which uses a microscopic layer to shield windows from dirt and haze. If you left your windows to sit for 6 months without leaning them all at you should expect to come back to a window which is practically unrecognisable however, with self cleaning glass if you come back in the same time period you iwll find no difference to when you left it. 


This solution is relatively costly, however it will prove most suitable if you weren't looking to deal with the time and hassle needed for your window's upkeep - especially if you have many of them. This window uses condensation to clean the outer layer of the glass using microscopic details which you wont notice. However, either way you are guaranteed a beautiful, restored window for long periods of time. 


To conclude, for an excellently cleaned window, all you need are the right products and gentle TLC. Attacking your PVCu window with detergents or soaps that may have an eroding effect can leave your windows permanently damaged resulting in the needy for a more costly replacement - which you may not have planned on.  Your windows look after your family and home by enhancing security and keeping the cold out and warmth in, that is why we highly recommend looking after them just as well too. 








How to clean and maintain your PVCu windows.

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Keeping your PVCu windows looking as good as now provides both an aesthetic and functional benefit. If your PVCu windows are looking and working to the best of their ability then you can expect to still have energy efficiency and great visuals to go on for long periods of time. PVCu is one of the easiest materials to clean, however due to it’s glossy white coat it often gets the dirtiest.


There are many simple methods to keep your windows looking their best, however there are also some products and methods that you should avoid to ensure you don’t permanently damage the PVCu or the function of the window for good. 



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