Cleaning Your Conservatory The Right Way 


PVCu Frames

PVCu is a Polymer, meaning it can be easily damaged if not cared for correctly. Some bleaches and liquids erode at the smooth outer layer, leaving behind an uneven surface, or permanent discolouration.​

Caring for your conservatory is important in maintaining its condition and keeping it looking brand new. However, some generic cleaning techniques can cause more damage than good. As homeowners, we want our homes to look their best, that's including our conservatories! We'll run through the best caring routine for your conservatory.


  • To remove stubborn marks, hose down the glass to remove any dirt, and then clean a warm soap and water solution and soft cloth. Follow this with a final rinse of water.

  • If necessary, a non-abrasive liquid glass cleaner can be used.

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Self-Cleaning Glass

If continuous maintenance isn't something that you have time for, then we highly recommend self-cleaning glass. Self-cleaning glass uses a microscopic layer to shield windows from haze and dirt. If you left your windows to sit for 6 months without cleaning them, you'd expect to see them in a worse state. However, with self-cleaning glass, if you left it for the same time period, you'd find no difference to where you left it.​


  • Do not use abrasive or solvent-based cleaners on the external glazing surface. This is because their self-cleaning properties may be affected.

  • Regular cleaning is not necessary. However, if you notice a build-up of contaminants on the coated surface, hose down the glass and let it dry naturally. 

  • Do not use a pressure washer. 

If you're not looking to deal with the hassle of your window's upkeep - especially if you have a lot of them - then self-cleaning glass is the perfect solution for you.


We all take pride in taking care of our homes. That's why it's important to know the specifics of caring for your conservatory so that you can keep it looking brand new. These are simple methods to keep your windows looking their best; however, there are also some products and methods that should be avoided to ensure you don't permanently damage your conservatory. If you have any questions about the following, or would like more information on our conservatory installation service, please get in touch. 

 White uPVC Frames

Coloured uPVC Frames


  • Use only a soap and water solution to clean the wood grain foiled frames. 

  • Don't use solvent-based cleaners. 


  • Wash your frames with a soap and water solution (diluted washing up liquid will work just fine) to avoid the build-up of grime. 

  • For stubborn stains, use a non-abrasive PVCu liquid cleaner. Although use sparingly, and buff to shine.

  •  Avoid solvent-based cleaners and take care not to disturb any of the sealants. 




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