The best way to clean and maintain the look of your composite door 

Keeping the door handle clean


Most composite doors are pre-fitted with PVCu handles; these handles require the same care in which you’d provide to a PVCu door. Your handle is the most used factor on your door; it is exposed to wear and tear daily resulting in deterioration of the colour, material and performance over a long period of time.


To keep your handle looking the best it can be, use soapy warm water to wipe down the handle. Next scrub down the handle roughly to remove debris and scuff marks, once clean wipe down your handle with a dry cotton cloth. To keep the shine you can buy PVCu polish in your local DIY shop, apply a thin layer of the product and wipe the handle down to ensure the most effective results.


Looking after your door's windows 


If your composite door has windows, they are no doubt made of double or triple glazing. The glass itself is pretty thick, meaning they wont easily crack or retain scratches from wear and tear or harsh weather. However, they still need to be cleaned to keep their shine and transparency.


To guarantee the best results, clean your windows with window-cleaner and a cotton cloth or sponge. Scrub down the glass gently, ensuring you follow a circular rotation throughout the process, once you have covered the area remove excess moisture and cleaner with a dry cloth. After this step, you should now be left with a shiny masterpiece. 

However, in this blog we will provide you with tips and advice on how to properly care for your composite door. The composite door is notorious for providing homeowners with many benefits, including; saving them money on their household energy bills and excluding draughts all year round. ​Composite doors also come apparent with beautiful colours and finishes, which is why we want to help you make the appearance last as long as possible. Now you’ve read the brief on what this blog entails, here is your guide on caring for your composite door.

Cleaning the composite door​



So you’ve tackled the smaller factors of your composite door, but now it’s time to care for the actual composite door frame. The structure is made of many insulating layers, making the door sturdy and practically impenetrable, however it is not invincible from dirt and constant wear and tear.


If you have a lighter coloured composite door including; white, yellow, light blue or light green – your composite door is prone to picking up dirt and making it a statement. However, your composite door only really needs to be cleaned thoroughly once a month to keep it looking its best, but when you do get round to giving your door some TLC, here is the guide to follow to ensure an effective composite door cleaning.


Your composite door may be long lasting, but it still needs to be handled carefully to ensure you don’t damage it through excessive handling. Soak a soft cloth in a bucket of warm, soapy water, ensuring you rinse the cloth to remove excess water. Smoothly wipe down the leaf of your composite door, removing grit and grime that has built up, as this debris will eventually cause problems with your door’s function if not taken care of.


If you come across a stain that refuses to move from scrubbing, you may need to purchase a PVCu cleaner from your local DIY shop. Apply this cleaner and using a soapy cloth scrub away at the stain until the stain fades, after this then use a dry cloth to remove the excess water and the rest of the stain from your composite door.


Make sure you stay clear of using scoring pads, bleaches and other harsh cleaning chemicals as these products can permanently damage the look and colour of your composite door. Once you have cleaned the composite frame, attend to the locks and hinges by covering them in a lubricant or oil. Doing this monthly will keep them in full working order for longer periods of time, saving you money in the long run.


We hope this guide has given you an insight into the correct cleaning of composite doors; we aim to please all our customers and even the wonderful page visitors who may just need the advice! If you’re looking for more help or would like to talk to us about our range of composite doors, Elite Windows are more than happy to help.


Have fun cleaning and bringing your composite door back to life!


Looking After Your Composite Door


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We understand that your composite door is a costly investment, that’s why Elite Windows have put together a blog to help our customers look after them it. Surprisingly, composite doors are one of the easiest types of doors to look after and require only little maintenance every so often.


Unlike wood and PVCu, composite doors have been manufactured for excellent longevity, saving homeowners from the dreaded weekly upkeep; instead these doors have been designed to retain aesthetic appeal for long periods of time. 



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