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Elite Windows are the number choice for Composite Doors in Huntingdon.

Strong and sturdy, low maintenance and long lasting, composite doors are a top choice for customers today. Made from superb glass-reinforced plastic which combines all the best aspects of plastic and glass into one highly durable material, composite doors are stronger than a standard door. At Elite Windows, our composite doors are available in a range of styles and colours for all homes across Huntingdon. The benefits of our composite doors are endless – from their thermal efficiency to their secureness, they’re an investment worth paying for.


Designed to provide the highest standards of performance, composite doors are completely weather proof. Our composite doors in Huntingdon combines the traditional appearance of a timber door with the thermal performance and optimum style of a modern solution – offering up to six times more insulation than a timber door. Draughts are eliminated and your home is effectively insulated. Your energy bill will undoubtedly reflect your choice of investing in a composite door. Being thermally efficient, composite doors will help to ensure that your house loses less heat. Less heat will therefore be used and your wallet will finally feel heavier.


Alongside being strong and sturdy, composite doors are ideal for those wanting additional security features – such as multi-point locking systems. Unlike many other doors, composite doors require little maintenance. The only maintenance to expect is cleaning, which involves wiping it down with a damp cloth from time to time to ensure that it always looks like new. With low maintenance levels, composite doors are longer lasting than other doors. As well as being easy to look after, composite doors are a great way of saving money long term.


With the vast range of styles and colours that we stock at Elite Windows in Huntingdon, you are bound to find your ideal door. Our composite doors have no limit. With the numerous types of styles, you will surely find a door that suits your home and you. Still unable to choose a door? Our experts can help. We can offer our expertise to all homeowners in Huntingdon – whether you’re unsure about the colour or the style. Being ideal for front or back doors of properties, your chosen composite door will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house.


Does your front door need replacing? For a durable, sturdy and low maintenance door that is aesthetically pleasing to all visitors, choose Elite Window’s doors in Huntingdon. For a free, non-obligation quote, call us on 01733 303 444.




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