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PVCu conservatory installers for Oakham

Your new conservatory will be manufactured from modern PVCu materials – making it durable and built to last. You can also be guaranteed a conservatory that will not rust, rot or peel – virtually maintenance free!


Additionally, with advanced technology and a-rated glass, you will be able to enjoy your new extension all year round. Heat will maintain trapped inside your cosy conservatory so can enjoy your extra space even in the winter. But, in the summer, you can enjoy a cool and ventilated room.


There are many benefits to have a new conservatory installed – not only will you gain a stunning place to relax, but also you will increase the value of your home. Conservatories are popular amongst potential buyers. Therefore, if you are planning on selling your property, you will be adding more value than it cost to install a PVCu conservatory.


For Oakham homeowners, we offer competitively priced PVCu conservatories. We build the most popular of conservatory styles; however, we can tailor a design around your ideas. Get in touch with the team today to start creating your dream home.

Are you looking to add some extra space to your home? Maybe for a kitchen, playroom, dining room or simply a room to relax in! Well, you can find professional conservatory installation services for Oakham with Elite Windows.


Whether you are looking for a modern, classical or bespoke style conservatory, our PVCu extensions can help people in Oakham achieve more space.


We understand that investing in a conservatory is an exciting yet daunting time. It can lead you to ask questions, “will this benefit my home?” However, a new conservatory not only creates a cost-effective way to increase the value of your home and save money but also provides you with all the light you need for relaxing and creating an idyllic living space that can be used all year round. With their multiple benefits, a new conservatory is a worthwhile investment.


Therefore, we supply Oakham homeowners with bespoke conservatories – available in a wide range of styles and colours. 

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