Our Flush Sash windows offer a slim yet energy-efficient built to let in a maximum amount of light, but still has the classic feel of traditional timber windows. This attractive window style offers a personal appearance for every home.

Less frame more glass

Designed to restrict the opening of windows, child restrictors limit the opening of windows to give parents peace of mind. There is also the options additional hinge guards. These add an extra level of security to your windows. Therefore, you can be guaranteed your Flush Sash windows cannot be forced open from the outside.

Child restrictions

Bespoke designs

The ground-breaking profiles used in Flush Sash windows have a much greater thermal efficiency than conventional uPVC windows. Due to developments in multi-chamber technology, Flush Sash windows ensure warmth remains where it should. Inside. Furthermore, Liniar Flush Sash windows are fully and easily recyclable at the end of their lifespan! 

Thermally efficiency and eco-friendly

Our Flush Sash Windows do not rot, rust or require any painting or regular maintenance. Therefore your weekends can be spent relaxing rather than on DIY jobs.

Low Maintenance

There is a wide range of glazing options for Flush Sash so they can be truly tailored to individual specifications. Bespoke glazing platforms means glazing units can be fitted more effectively, and you can reap the benefits.

Triple Glazing

Want to know about an innovative, long-lasting uPVC window?
You’re in the right place!


Here at Elite Windows, we like to ensure our customers are informed of the latest trends and most popular home improvements - all so you can achieve your dream home. We understand that choosing which material or even style of window can be daunting - there are so many styles! That is why we supply and install the models which we believe will benefit you.


So, with that in mind, let us introduce to you Flush Sash windows. These alternative-to-timber windows provide a natural wood appearance, when in fact they are made of uPVC! We will explain what they are, the benefits and ultimately, why you should invest in innovative Flush Sash windows.

Why should I choose to invest in Flush Sash windows?

As many people know, real wood is prone to rot and deterioration. But, this is more apparent in Britain’s harsh rain and window (typical we know!) as a result of this, the window industry began to produce a window that defies these issues! The Flush Sash.


As customers still want the real wood effect without the negative aspects, Flush Sash windows offer the aesthetics plus many more benefits. But, this model of windows aren’t just available in real wood finishes, you can find frames in anthracite and eye-catching colours such as Chartwell Green. Therefore, regardless of your home’s style, we can find a Flush Sash window to suit your home - effortlessly.

Furthermore, if your home has had its current windows since you moved in - it is time to consider replacing them. The issue with wooden, dated windows is their lack of energy efficiency. What once would have been an a-rated window, compared to modern standard, will now drastically fail.


Wooden framed windows let cold draughts enter your home and cause them to linger. This can make your home uncomfortable and cold. But, our Flash Sash windows have the properties of uPVC. Therefore, your home can become cosy all year round.


Here at Elite Windows, we install the Liniar Flush Sash window for clients due to their exceptional properties and innovative design.


Created and produced in the United Kingdom, the Liniar range of windows can supply you with numerous benefits (don’t worry, we will get onto those shortly)! Using cutting edge technology and machinery, Liniar extrudes the lead –free frames used for its product and distribute to reputable window fabricators who create the frames to their exact pattern and add glass. Then, that’s where we come in! We install your bespoke, custom made Flush Sash window so your home can be a step closer to
your dream home.

Innovative style, energy efficiency, aesthetic
windows for all homes

Check out some of the benefits of investing in Flush Sash windows

High Security

Cost effective & save money

By keeping your original windows, you could be putting you and your family at risk. Windows are the forefront of your home; consequently, they are vulnerable to being victims of break-ins. Therefore, by instantly upgrading your windows, you will secure your property. But, our Flush Sash windows come with multi-point locking as standard and tested to ensure they met security standards.

Our Flush Sash windows offer a uPVC frame that delivers high energy savings at a cost-effective price.

With an extensive range of colours, we can ensure that we have the right window waiting for your home. In addition to colours, Liniar also stocks a broad range of accessories, such as handles. Therefore, your Flush Sash window can truly match your home’s exterior and interior.

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