Our Flush Sash Windows offer a slim yet energy efficient build to let in maximum light in but still have that classic feel of a traditional timber window.

Less frame more glass

Our windows come with high-security, multi-point locking as standard and are tested to the set requirements.

High Security

With an extensive range of colour and styles, we can ensure that we have the right window for you and your home.

Consumer Choice

Our windows keep the cold out and the heat inside, which is perfect for saving you money on those household bills due to their A+ rating.

Thermally Efficient

Our Flush Sash Windows do not rot, rust or require any painting or regular maintenance- which is why they are a very popular choice.

Low Maintenance

Our windows can be installed with either 28mm double or triple glazing, both installed by our experts to keep your home warm this winter.

Triple Glazing

Innovative, long-lasting PVCu windows designed to resemble real wood material.


At Elite Windows, we keep our customers up to date on the latest, most popular home improvements to help provide them with ideas on creating the perfect home. In this blog we will be talking about the Flush Sash Window in particular, these alternatives to timber products provide a natural wood appearance yet they’re completely made of PVCu! 

Real wood is prone to rot and deterioration, especially when exposed to harsh weather and rain, which is why the window industry has produced a window that defies these issues. Flush Sash Windows aren’t just available in real wood finishes; you can find models that are in anthracite and bright colours, helping every homeowner to find a window that complements their home. 

Alternative to timber windows exist to provide both traditional and modern effects to homes, allowing everyone to find their perfect model of window. Not only is wood a weak material to use for your windows, they also allow in the cold and draughts, which is why we have solved this problem by transforming PVCu windows into looking like authentic wood. 

Energy efficient, aesthetic windows for all homes.​

There are many different shapes and sizes to choose from when it comes to alternative to timber windows, you can find Flush Sash Windows or even Flush Casement, depending on the window you’re looking for.


Liniar are a main manufacturer of A-rated Flush Windows, they combined the realistic value of pre-1932 timber windows with 21st-century thermal insulation approaches, helping the residential sector to achieve energy efficient, stunning window solutions.

With some conversation homes you may be required to have traditional timber frames for environmental purposes, however these windows can be expensive both with upfront costs and maintenance. However, our Flush windows have made things a whole lot easier for people with such homes, instead of buying authentic timber windows, you can choose long-lasting Flush Sash.

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