Our Flush Sash Windows offer a slim yet energy efficient build to let in maximum light in but still have that classic feel of a traditional timber window.

Less frame more glass

Our windows come with high-security, multi-point locking as standard and are tested to the set requirements.

High Security

With an extensive range of colour and styles, we can ensure that we have the right window for you and your home.

Consumer Choice

Our windows keep the cold out and the heat inside, which is perfect for saving you money on those household bills due to their A+ rating.

Thermally Efficient

Our Flush Sash Windows do not rot, rust or require any painting or regular maintenance- which is why they are a very popular choice.

Low Maintenance

Our windows can be installed with either 28mm double or triple glazing, both installed by our experts to keep your home warm this winter.

Triple Glazing

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New Product: Flush Sash Windows

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At Elite Windows, we understand how important it is to keep you informed about our latest, most popular products and styles that are used by our clients and may inspire you too.  As technology advances, so does the technology for your home; bringing more innovative forms of saving you money, protecting your home and allowing your property to look modern. 


We are always looking to stay up-to-date, whether that's with blinds behind glass or with flush sash windows- our suppliers Liniar always keep us in the ‘loop’ as such, with new and up-coming crazes that we can better your home with .


About the Flush Sash windows


Flush Sash Windows are the innovative development from Liniar. They offer the realism and traditional aspect of pre-1932 timber windows combined with the 21st-century thermal benefits - giving your home a very new classic and contemporary look.


When owning a property, sometimes due to planning and environmental restrictions, it is a requirement for the home to have traditional timber window frames. The only issue with these restrictions is that having timber frames can be expensive; the timber frames need regular maintenance and can be very difficult to replace. Our new Flush Sash windows however, allow you to have the classic look without all the maintenance needs and hassle that comes with timber. 


With the new Flush Sash Windows, they have been developed to have a casement window frame - created to allow the window to fit into any property- this would then be made to look like traditional timber whilst offering a sleek, contemporary finish. 


Like the rest of our products, our Flush Sash Windows are energy-efficient and are A rated in terms of functionality. They are a low cost window with greater thermal benefits than timber- and are additionally much more secure. 


We will always have the right window for your home. The windows are available in sculpted profile with flush finish on external faces and/or can have 28mm double or triple glazing. They come in a wide choice of opening orientations, colours, finishes and hardware to best suit your home.


Whether you need new windows or are just after something new to add to your home to make it look better or become more energy efficient; then this is the window designed for you.



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