Always choose a company supplying UPVC


Open-plan living is becoming popular. Achieving cohesion between indoors and outdoors is the dream. With professional companies such as Elite Windows, this is accomplished with PVC-U materials. These materials are built to last and guaranteed not to rot, rust or peel. PVC-U is maintenance free, requiring the occasional wipe down. With its ease of maintaining, PVC-U is ideal for homeowners with busy lifestyles.

Varying styles


Whether you’d prefer a modern space or are looking for a traditional style, conservatories are available in all. Our conservatory styles will suit all needs, and can match all houses. For a modern, contemporary appeal, our range includes lean-to conservatories. Cool and current, the lean-to conservatory’s crisp clean lines are well suited to matching minimalist aesthetics.


On the contrary, our Edwardian or Victorian styles are appealing for those desiring a traditional appearance. Elegant, traditional and beautiful, these conservatories truly reflect historical eras. Ideal for older homes, your conservatory can be customised ever further with historical embellishments and bespoke flourishes – adding a sense of grandeur and character.

Victorian Conservatory


Evidently inspired by the Victorian era, our Victorian conservatories are timeless. Reflecting the beautiful aesthetics of this period, these conservatories capture the warmth and richness of its past. It boasts elegant roof finials and ornate finishing, complementing an older, classical house. Available in a 3 or 5 faceted designs, Victorian conservatories are versatile and can be tailored to suit your needs. If you’re looking for a conservatory pleasing to the eye, choose our Victorian conservatories.


To finish the exquisite feel, match this style with classic furniture. Decorate your Victorian conservatory with lots and lots of plants.

Edwardian Conservatory


Dating from the Edwardian era, Edwardian conservatories will bring a traditional charm to your house. Its subtle, seamless lines and elegant decoration enhance such. It typically has a high, sloping roof that gives a spectacular vaulted effect. Your conservatory will be flooded with light, making it a bright, airy uplifting room.


Materialised from the 18th and 19th century, Edwardian conservatories consist of plain glass walls and a simple roof structures. They’re ideal for period homes, offering a classic and authentic look.


If you’re investing in a conservatory to create a new room – such as a living room or a playroom, the Edwardian’s symmetrical design is perfect. Its foolproof proportions for a seating area are ideal when extending your house.


Decorate your Edwardian conservatory with traditional furniture.

Gable conservatory


Imported from the Georgian era, our conservatories will add true grandeur to your home. Instead of sloping back to the centre, a gable-ends conservatory roof stays upright – like the end of a house. Stylish and light, gable-end conservatories are reminiscent of the opulent orangeries and conservatories of bygone centuries.


Due to its traditional relevance, our gable conservatories are ideal for period properties. Despite this, gable conservatories are versatile and adaptable to all types of houses and bungalows, providing a huge amount of living space.


Lean-to conservatory


Clean and crisp, lean-to conservatories are ideal as a modern garden room. Being the simplest style of conservatories, it has a contemporary look – suiting modern houses. If your property has restricted space under the eaves, or an area too awkward to accommodate a conservatory, lean-to conservatories should be considered.


More affordable and economical, a lean-to conservatory’s simplicity means that maintenance and installation costs are lower.

With the variety of conservatories available today, it is easy to feel baffled. From traditional, classical styles that add character to your home to modern, contemporary ones, you will find a conservatory that suits your home. Still struggling to choose a conservatory? Our experts acquire the knowledge to help. Call a member of our team – we will find the conservatory for you.​


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A conservatory is an asset to your property. Adding style, space and lighting, deciding to invest in a conservatory is a benefitting one. However, with that decision comes choice. With the variety of conservatories available today, choosing the ideal conservatory proves difficult. The extensive range of designs can be both confusing and overwhelming. Your choice also may depend on a variety of factors, such as the style of your home, available budget and roof/build space. To iron out possibilities and give you a clearer overview of your choices, we have put together a list of conservatory styles and written an overview of each. We hope our information will contribute to your decision.​

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