The installation of windows can change a home's aesthetic; it can make a dramatic change to your house, internally and externally.  The decision to install new windows is a worthwhile investment – not only will your home become more energy efficient – your property will increase in value – what more could you want?

We have devised together some of the reasons why installing new windows will benefit you in the short AND long term and all the information you need to help you start replacing them. 

How do I know when I should replace my window

What are the benefits?


There is a multitude of benefits when you invest in new windows.  One of the significant benefits is thermal efficiency. With there being advanced developments in window engineering, windows can now maintain temperatures throughout your home.


As discussed earlier on in this blog, if you've noticed any issues which suggest your windows needs replacing, it is more than likely that your window is also having a massive impact on your energy bills, with up to 20% of your home's heat being lost through old windows.

As the winter months creep in and the weather becomes chillier, your heating is often turned up, and pennies are thrown out of your thin, faulty glass. Your heating has to work harder to keep the warm temperature within your home – with most of it being lost. But, by replacing your windows, you can prevent this! In the long term, you will begin to notice less money being spent on your heating as well as saving the environment– it is a worthwhile investment.


What makes a window efficient? There are many different factors implemented into the design of windows; firstly specialised gas is inserted between the glass panels to make sure they are more insulating not just a vacuum space. Next, the glass itself is treated in a specific way to ensure no heat can escape – a thin metallic coating is added. This protective sealant allows natural light to pass through the window, however – it reflects the heat into your room. Although this may sound complex – it is clear newly installed windows constitute a significant investment.


Another benefit of adding new windows to your property can be the increase in the value of your house and appeal to potential homebuyers. A house with worn out windows can be a negative for people looking to buy your home – now or in the future – therefore, by upgrading to new windows your home instantly become eye-catching, modern and pleasing to home buyers. 

What types of windows are available?


There are many different types of windows available, all of which can improve your home.  Models include casement, tilt and turn, flush slash, pivot, bay & bow and bi-fold - there are so many options. But, the possibilities for choice don't end there! Depending on your sense of style and your homes aesthetic, you may want to install simple, traditional windows or try something new with a contemporary frame.


Contemporary home styles are becoming increasingly popular, and when it comes to windows, aluminium is the best aesthetically. People who prefer the look of a modern home often go for aluminium due to their endless potential. This form of the model is environmentally friendly, leaving a minimal carbon footprint and has a lifespan of 20 to 30 years.


But, if it is a traditional look you are after Liniar PVCu will give you the best results. Despite aluminium winning aesthetically, Liniar PVCu is the most advanced towards achieving energy efficiency. A PVCu window also provides your home character and makes it look new regardless of the properties age. But regardless of whether you choose aluminium or the Liniar PVCu range, both are long lasting – still achieving you the highest standard for 20 years times. 

It's your choice


Liniar PVCu or aluminium windows are fully customisable. Each set of windows can be tailored to suit your style to match your existing home. Windows can come in a range of colours from white to cream, red to burgundy, and dark green to Chartwell green – it's all down to you! When designing your dream home, windows need to be considered as they can have a huge impact. 

What am I looking for?


When choosing a window R-values must be accounted for – an R-value is the thermal reflection ability. For a well insulated, temperature regulating soundproof environment, windows of a higher R-value are strongly recommended.

Windows with a value ranging between 3-5 will not provide any insulating factors – this can be found in single paned or double-paned windows. When replacing your windows, it is highly commended to go for modern double or triple glazed windows, which have an R-value of 5-9.

Installing windows, which are of a higher R-value, will keep your home insulated, your family will be warmer, and your house is more comfortable all year round.



How to improve your home with new windows - everything you need to know.  

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If your window is becoming old and starting to decay, it's time to replace them with new energy efficient ones. Not only can you tell when to replace them by the exterior aesthetics, but also by factors such as pest infestations. If you start discovering insects, it is a sign that your window needs replacing. Pests can enter your home through gaps on windows – which could lead to more damage. Another indicator that your windows need replacing is when they start to become faulty, and you experience problems opening and closing them – this suggests they are worn out.

If you notice any of these issues - consider yourself choosing a window replacement. But, it is important to note that even if your windows aren't becoming faulty, you don't have to wait to replace them – installing new windows can have significant benefits. 

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