Here at Elite Windows, we know there are endless possibilities for your conservatory – but do you? ​

1. Give the conservatory a makeover


Once our hard work has finished, that where you come in! You now have a blank canvas to create ANYTHING you want! Have you seen something in a brochure or on Pinterest you like? Well, now they could become a reality.

Regardless if your home has a theme or you have a favourite colour – give your conservatory a creative touch. A colour wall or patterned furniture, whatever you want it to be, you can make it so. Don’t settle for ordinary; make your new living space unique to your home.

2. Games Room


How does your own games room sound? Appealing right? So, why not invest in a conservatory space where you and your friends can stay up late and play games. Whether that is a classic board game or console game – you can have the space to host an intense games battle within a conservatory.


3.   Family Time In A Family Room


Spending time with family is essential to us all. With a conservatory, you can bring the whole family together in one, comfortable place. Create a cosy living area, complete with TV to host a film night or place to escape to after work or school. Your conservatory can be the perfect place to relax with your loved ones.

4.    Relaxation Zone


The most common reason for investing in a conservatory/extension is for the peace, tranquillity and quiet they provide. They offer people a place to escape and enjoy some ‘me-time’.

5.    Make more Kitchen space


Family life can be very busy at times, but one of the most hectic times can be dinner. With family members rushing around, pots coming to the boil and timers chiming off in an ever-increasing volume – there never seems to be enough room.

So, why not invest in a conservatory as a form of kitchen space? You can create a dining room to entertain guests or expand your kitchen to fit more ovens and cookers. Your home could become a social space for all your friends and family!

6.    A place to focus and work hard


An increasing number of people are now working from home. Therefore it is vital to have a space that can become separate to your home. A conservatory could become your very own office, study or even a meeting room.

Our conservatories have numerous properties that make them ideal for business needs. With double or triple glazed windows, noise pollution will not be a problem. No longer will you have any distraction from the outside. Also, with their advanced technology, glazing you can be kept warm in those winter months, so work never has to stop. Therefore a conservatory is the much-needed extra space you need for an office.

7.    Children’s play-room


Do you always feel like you’re tidying up your home from kid’s toys? If you have children or even grandchildren, you will understand the tasks of finding toys in random places around the house. 

With a conservatory, you can design a room dedicated to your children. You can make it safe and full of toys so their imaginations can run wild! This way you can contain toys in one area and make sure your kids are having fun, but out of the way ;)

Overall, a conservatory installation can be turned into any form of room! The possibilities are endless. These are just a few suggestions, but there are many more out there. So, if you’re looking for a reliable conservatory installation team, Elite Window are the professionals for you.

Conservatories can transform a home, and it’s easy to see why so many people love them! Becoming increasingly popular among homeowners and potential buyers, conservatories offer more space and a relaxing area during both the summer and winter months.


But, we understand a conservatory, orangery or extension installation is a daunting project. We know there are multiple benefits and uses making a conservatory installation a worthwhile investment.


One of the best features of having your conservatory is the fact you can make it your own, unique area.


So, if you’re looking to invest in a conservatory or you already have one but your asking “how do I make this space mine?”. Well, we have compiled together some ideas and concepts we have seen over the years on how to decorate and modify your conservatory so you can be a step closer to your dream home.

8.    Have Your Very Own Bar


Our final and most creative suggestion is to transform or create your private and intimate pub! You can become your very open landlord! If you are someone who enjoys hosting parties and entertaining guests – why not create a room which can design your very own party area! With options of a bar and a dance floor, you can furnish your conservatory to be the number one spot for you and your friends.


8 Ideas And Uses For Your Conservatory

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