Keeping warm in the winter. 


When September comes to an end, we all start preparing for the cold and keeping our energy bills to a bare minimum. However, many of us become very reluctant to step foot into our conservatories without an entire blanket wrapped around us around this time.


You would have spent a lot of money and time to install a conservatory, so why restrict yourself to only using it for half of the year? There are many easy ways to keep your conservatory warmer, especially in time for winter and here are a few examples.

Install triple glazing or A-C rated glass. 


There is an energy efficiency chart in existence, which determines how effective a certain glass model is at conserving heat. You can find glass ranging from G (which is extremely poor) to A grade glass, which offers the best energy efficiency yet. Although double-glazing is well known for its excellent ability to maintain inside temperatures and eliminate draughts, - triple glazing has been newly, engineered to perform even better bring an A+ rating into effect.


It may be a costly option to consider, however if you want to guarantee a warmer environment within your conservatory with the added bonus that you will never experience a cold draught – triple glazing is a great solution for you. With a carefully designed structure and reinforced glass, the cold is eliminated completely, not to mention you will start to see a dramatic drop in energy costs, as the heating will flow continuously without escaping.


If you have moved into a property, which already had an existing conservatory, the structure will most probably consist of either single or double glazing which answers the general question of ‘why is my conservatory so cold?’’ 

Invest in blinds or curtains.



It’s never an initial thought to consider covering our conservatory’s inner walls however it really does help a lot with conserving your heating! Blinds and curtains reduce draughts and act as a barrier against the outside temperatures from entering inside. Blinds and curtains can also add great aesthetic value to your conservatory, they haven’t got to be mundane instead you can find decorative options to help make your conservatory feel more cosy and suited to you – whilst it acts as an insulating factor. 


Keeping cool in the summer.


Soon after spring, temperatures begin to pick up out of nowhere and many of us will then begin retreating to our conservatories to enjoy the warmth. However, although the summer weather can make the environment of a conservatory excellent to be in – it can sometimes become quite unbearable. But how do we cool our conservatory down to the perfect sitting temperature? There are actually many easy ways to help reduce the oven-like effect a conservatory can create. 


Invest in bi-folding doors!


Sometimes opening a window up just doesn’t do the trick, instead why don’t we make it possible to open up an entire wall? Bi-folding doors are an excellent solution to keeping your conservatory cool during the summer; they provide you with the ability to open up your home to the warm outside and cool down your conservatory environment. Not to mention when they closed, they offer the ultimate security so you wont have to question the safety of your home! 



Blinds, again??


Blinds keep your home warm, but they also contradict with keeping your room cool too! Blinds maintain the inside temperatures of your conservatory by blocking out much of the sunlight, reflecting the heat back outside and keeping the area within your conservatory warm but not baking hot.


To conclude, alongside the basic methods of investing in a small heater in the winter and opening windows in the summer – the ideas we have provided are the most practical and economically beneficial for you. Our guide is aimed towards standard PVCu conservatories and orangeries, other models may differ with temperature control, however we have provided solutions that are most suitable for common conservatory constructions.


We want to help people make their conservatory’s useful all year round – after all you paid a great deal to invest in one. What use is a conservatory that’s too hot to chill in or too cold to step foot in? By following these few tips you be guaranteed a more adequate conservatory all year round. 








Keeping your conservatory warm in winter and cool in summer.

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Conservatory owners understand how useful they are with providing space and adding value to your home, they provide a sense of freedom and enlarge your home without the need to move entirely. 


However, how do we keep such a large space abundant with glass, warm in the winter and cool in the summer? There are actually many ways to thrive in your conservatory throughout all the months and the Elite Windows team have composed a blog to help our customer’s with uncovering these ways. 



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