With newly built properties, you will find homes all have a specific, desired look. But, not only do they look aesthetically pleasing, but also, they are highly energy-efficient, secure and functional. That is why we actively promote our services to homeowners. Regardless if your home is traditionally styled, we can ensure it can achieve your desired appearance.

So, if you’re looking to modernise your home and remain on the pulse of home improvement trends - Elite Windows can supply.


Contemporary homes have always been eye-catching.  They undoubtedly impress visitors passers-by. Therefore, if you want to create a home, which reflects the modern or futuristic idea of homes, we can help you get there.

How to INSTANTLY Modernise Your Home With New Home Improvements

Want to create an utterly contemporary home to ‘wow’ guest?

But, you’re unsure how for a competitive price? Well, here at Elite Windows, we can make that happen.


We understand that everyone has their preferred style. Some people favour traditional, period properties, whereas others prefer a contemporary, minimalist appearance. But, in recent trends, we have begun to notice an increase in homeowners purchasing modern styled properties or investing in fashionable home features.


However, we have seen a lot of people unsure of how to achieve this look. While inspiring images of home styles perfectly may show us what we would like – they fail to tell us how.


That is why we have complied together common sought after features that will instantly transform your home. Elite Windows offer numerous contemporary home improvements. From your windows to doors, there is that perfect model that will help you reflect and pursue that modern appearance you have always wanted to achieve.

When we say ‘contemporary style’ – what do we mean?

Let Elite Windows modernise your home

What home improvements can modernise my home?

Composite or Bi-Folding doors

Let’s start with the main entrance to your home. Most likely the most used element of your – you do walk in and out of it nearly every day! But moreover, it is the first thing a visitor sees before entering your house. Therefore, it is one of the most essential elements to consider adapting if you want to be part of the modern trend.


For best results, we would highly recommend investing in a composite door. For everyone that has heard of a composite door will know they are not inexpensive. But you are gaining worthwhile investment.


To achieve a modern look, people often choose elusive designs. Colours usually consist of blacks, greys and whites to allude to a sense of sophistication. But, this doesn’t suggest that bright, bold colours shouldn’t be chosen. Reds, yellows and Chartwell greens are all increasing in popularity due to their contemporary appeal and energy efficiency properties.


However, if you have the budget, another way to instantly modernise the appearance of your home is bi-folding doors. Bi-folds allow you to open up a whole wall of your home at your disposal. Natural light will flood into your living space as well as stunning views of your garden. Sliding doors are functional and easy to use, but they are also very modern.

Contemporary conservatories

Conservatories are ideal for creating that much needed extra space. Whether that is for a kitchen extension, children’s play area or new relaxation area.


Here at Elite Windows, we offer numerous styles of conservatory. But, to maintain a modern appearance, we would highly recommend our Gable and Lean-To conservatories. Lean-To conservatories provide small, multiple panelled structures that offer a contemporary presence.


Gable frames, on the other hand, are a stunning build. These conservatories effectively enhance your home, make it stand out and provide a brand new space.


With both styles available in multiple finishes, including Rosewood and White, possibilities are endless. But, an Anthracite finish ensures a modern, minimalist appearance.

Aluminium or PVCu Windows

Aluminium wins this debate. As we have discussed, dark, monochrome colours genuinely reflect the modern trend of today.


Although PVCu offers a stunning exterior and excellent energy efficiency, aesthetically aluminium windows will match the doors and conservatories we have mentioned.  Aluminium is a growing home improvement. Although many homeowners have not yet chosen to invest in this model, it is an accelerating trend. People who like the look of a modern home have reaped its many benefits.


However, despite aluminium winning aesthetically, PVCu windows are the most modern advancement towards achieving the best energy efficiency. Our double-glazing prevents draughts and lowers your winter energy bills dramatically.


Either frame you choose will offer you a modern feature whether that be in regards to appearance or energy-efficient benefits. The choice is yours!

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