Why choose this type of window?

PVCu Liniar windows have improved in design following the factor of energy efficiency; this means that these windows ensure the highest energy ratings in a household/property whilst letting in optimum lighting.


For a lower cost in comparison to some windows, you get an effective deal on both price, quality and energy for your home.


Liniar windows offer thermal maintenance, which keeps your energy bills lower and your house warmer during the colder seasons.


These windows still have the factor of security and strength keeping your home under good protection, but they also provide a whole range of benefits alongside this.

Liniar windows have been made without the use of lead, which makes it both environmentally friendly and safe to household members.


These windows are fitted with a multi-chambered profile, patented co-extruded bubble gasket, glazing flipper and thermal damn, which provides these windows with the same properties of triple glazing. 

What are Liniar's PVCu Windows constructed of?

Inside Liniar's windows they contain a symmetrical chamber which prevents heat from escaping to the outside – keeping effective temperature inside. The windows’ design was made from scratch and was influenced by the aim to meet house-building, market demands.  As well as proving the necessary security and protection for a house, it now has one of the highest energy rankings for a window design.


These type of windows are become more and more popular due to its reasonable pricing and access to a multitude of beneficial properties – these factors make the product a worthy buy and in long run situations energy is efficiently managed; ensuring financial stability in terms of household heating.

Windows aren’t our first choice when it comes to treating ourselves – we take most of our pre-installed windows for granted assuming they do the job, however, little do people know they are adding to our energy bills dramatically every time you turn your heating on.

The usual consequence with owning standard windows is the guarantee for a 20% loss of energy during the colder seasons, this is due to the easy escape of heat through breathable materials. This type of window also comes with lead-free properties which is better for the environment and you and your family. 


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Over the years window engineering has improved dramatically and Liniar's invention of windows has been influenced by the idea of wanting to achieve more security and energy efficiency for homes around the world. Liniar windows are the most modern, revolutionary design for windows to this say and age. Such a design has been manufactured to compliment window engineering, by portraying how far it has come. 

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