Unsure why so many people are requesting windows with built-in blinds, well, wonder no more! 

Advantages Of Built In Blinds

- As a result of the blinds being between the glass – they are not exposed to the everyday dust, other items in your home are. The built-in blinds are concealed, ‘locked almost’ from not only dust but from airborne grease and grim in our homes. Regardless if you clean regularly, dust and dirt will always reach places. But, with blinds between glass, you can cross off cleaning blinds as one of your household chores.


- The danger hazards for young children which are associated with standard, traditional blinds (the chord) has been eliminated. These new blinds use a modern opening and closing technique.


- Built-in blinds provide a neat and streamlined look. Also, the blinds will always remain in place, won’t get broken from daily use and look sleeker than everyday blinds. Additionally, from the outside, your windows have a unified and consistent style. It is tough to achieve this with regular blinds; they are often found hanging slightly different or leaning.


- As blinds over increased energy efficiency as they offer more insulation. You can help eliminate draughts and reduce your energy bills.


- Outside factors such as moisture and damp weather have also been, so the blinds stay looking brand new. Therefore, you will not have to replace them in the years to come. 

Before going straight in and buying something, we all like to do some research as there is no try before you buy with blinds! So, we thought we would provide a little bit more information before you jump in:


- Download our brochures to see images and sample of home with these built-in blinds. This will give you an idea of what they would look like.


- Make sure you like the blinds between glass concept as they will become part of your window. Therefore, you can’t simply remove them and go back to a standard window as easily.


- Compare the features offered with each window to find the best value that fits your lifestyle and home’s aesthetics.


So you’ve heard everything there is to know about built-in blinds. So, why not invest in something modern and innovative for your home? If so, get in touch with Elite Windows today! 

The time has come. You have been wanting (or putting off…) new windows for a while now and you have been considering all the options and accessories.


It may be challenging to find new ways to make your home more modern or the next best thing that will make maintenance in your home that little bit easier (don’t worry we are all guilty of it). But, an increasingly popular option is built in blinds


This new choice is available for both windows and doors. It consists of a fully integrated, pleated set of blinds, sealed between two panes of glass. Blinds between glass ensure your home is sleek, stylish and contemporary. Additionally, they require little, to no maintenance as the sealed unit means the blinds are protected from dust and dirt. How handy is that!


Built-in blinds are perfect for bi-fold and sliding doors, precisely because they let in the most light. But, it is not just doors; blinds between glass can be installed in windows, conservatories, offices and many other options. Built-in blinds are a versatile, user-friendly and suit any home!


So, now you know what built-in blinds are and considering them for your next home improvement investment. It is essential to consider the advantages and disadvantages. 

- If you do decide to invest in blinds between glass, it is essential to note they are a speciality window; therefore, they will be more expensive than your average PVCu or Timber Alternative frame.


- Once installed, you will not be able to replace or change them if you decide to redecorate. Of course, there are options available when choosing your built-in blinds; however, these are usually plain colours rather than decorative patterns. Therefore, choose wisely!


- Cleaning may be difficult if the seal is broken. Dust will get inside the window and mean your blinds are exposed to airborne dirt. To be cleaned, they do need to be taken apart – this means frequently removing the window or door from its casing.


- This style of window has a more limited warranty than most windows without window blinds.  Therefore, you need to keep in mind that if a window breaks or something goes wrong, you may be looking at buying a whole new window.  Look over the warranty in detail so that you are fully aware of what is covered and what is not as it will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.


Disadvantages Of Built In Blinds

But! Before you commit…  

The Pros & Cons Of Built In Blinds

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