Residential Doors

 These types of doors are usually of a basic design and are considered the most popular choice for a standard door. Despite their simplistic appearance, these doors are a great aesthetic quality to your home and offer the perfect strength to keep you and your family safe. Residential doors typically come in PVCu or Aluminium as these products serve excellent durability and are fully affordable. Timber options are also available if you’re up to keeping the wood treated to keep its quality maintained from weathering. Residential doors are the first thing people see when they go to visit you, so if you’re looking to enhance first impressions of your home then we offer brand new residential doors for you to browse through.



Composite Doors 

 This new advanced type of door offers optimum strength and durability factors – more than another model of door currently. Composite doors are used by domestic and commercial properties, which need higher levels of security or want the added sense of safety. Although they are strong, they also provide exceptional aesthetic qualities, owning such a door really makes your home stand out. These doors are available in a range of colours, materials and designs so you are always guaranteed to find the perfect door for you. You also achieve top heat conversion due to the doors thermal efficiency – leaving you financially benefited in the long run. 

Stable Doors 

This particular model is very contemporary in design and offers people the chance to invest in something unique. These doors are beautifully designed, brining you the enjoyment of both heat conversation in cold months and the warm outside during the hotter months. Stable doors are an acquired taste of doors but they bring exceptional aesthetically pleasing properties and are available in a range of colours to ensure the door effectively complements your home. 

Patio Doors/French Doors

 Specifically used for access to back gardens or conservatories, patio and French doors offer great visual qualities whilst providing homes with exceptional energy efficiency. These doors allow homes to receive great naturally lighting and keep temperatures maintained during hot and cold months. These doors are rather similar to standard residential doors in terms of properties and colour availability, however French and patio doors can be made from a variety of materials dependant on what the customer is after.

Bi-Fold Doors 

Bi-Fold doors are becoming more and more popular to homeowners due to their aesthetic and ergonomic benefits. These doors are available in a range of designs and materials making them highly versatile to customise. With such freedom of manufacture people are able to create their ideal set of bi fold doors, which offer great visual qualities and still provide great energy efficiency. With such a design, light can pour into a home more easily and during the warmer months the doors can fold back completely to allow the perfect relaxation point in your home. 

There are more possibilities than you think with doors, you haven’t got to settle for a standard door which came with your house, instead take a look at Elite Windows gallery of options – everyone deserves to make their home perfect, so why not take a look at the products available to you.  ​

The Different Types of Doors

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​Doors are usually considered to be the mundane, compulsory needs for any domestic or commercial property and we don’t usually take notice of them; however they are important to our everyday lives through means of conserving heat and providing security. From front doors to back doors, there are endless possibilities of customisation to suit everyone’s needs. Aesthetically doors can come in a variety of colours, materials and patterns to complete your home, adding the added sense of beauty with its visual composure. 


Not only do doors act as a visual attraction, they can be tailored around many other factors you require. Some doors are installed due to their immense strength and durability while others a primarily selected for their energy efficient properties. Whatever you’re after to make your home perfect, Elite Windows have provided you with the best guide. 

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