What is energy efficiency?


Overall, it is the goal to reduce the amount of energy produced or used by a product or service. However with windows, their energy efficiency is judged on how effectively they conserve heat whilst keeping the cooler temperatures out. Windows’ efficiency is measured on a scale which ranks A+ as the best and G as the lowest, if you’re looking for a window that will be most effective for your home, most suggest keeping between A+ and C rated windows.


The British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) conduct tests on the windows to see how effectively they conserve heat; the rating is then determined and awarded to that model.  The organisation has recently put forward a proposal to rate windows as A++, if they believe the window has optimum energy efficiency -even scoring above the windows that people currently believe to be the best. 

What makes a window efficient? 


There are many different factors implemented into the design of windows and each method is carefully thought through. Firstly, a specialised gas is inserted between the glass panels, inert gases are used particularly Argon, as these chemicals are far more insulating than oxygen or a vacuum space. Next the glass itself would need to be treated in a specific way, if energy efficiency is to be obtained the glass must undergo a certain treatment that standard glass frames do not.


The most efficient of windows have a thin, metallic coating – so thin that it’s practically invisible. This protective sealant allows natural sunlight to pass through the window however it reflects the heat in your room back into your home from wherever the window has been placed. But, don’t be fooled, it’s not just the glass that’s important; the PVCu frame also plays a big part in the efficiency of any window.


Designing a frame that meets energy efficiency requirements can be tricky, that’s why PVCu is most commonly used as this material effectively conserves heat. PVCu is the easiest option to go by as it requires little maintenance, you can alternatively use a wooden frame for great energy efficiency however this material needs to be consistently maintained. 

U and R values?


These values determine the overall ratings of windows in terms of their energy efficiency performance. If the window has a low U valued window portrays that the double-glazing of a window is conserving temperatures effectively, letting through just a minor amount of heat pass through it. As for the R value, this displays the overall energy efficiency of the double-glazing so the BFRC can conduct the windows practicality easier.  However, these rating guides do not stand to be of much importance, you should primarily focus on the A+-G ratings that are provided with the information of your next window.


Double-glazing, how beneficial is it?


Double-glazing is the go-to for people looking to achieve the standard amount of energy efficiency in their home. You can achieve A+ to C ratings with double-glazing windows, making them a worthwhile installation nay home or property. Depending on your budget and the energy efficiency that you’re after, double-gazing can be competitively priced, or you can pay slightly more for an A rated window. At the end of they day, what you pay for, is what you get and this goes for windows too – the higher your budget the better quality the window and the more heat you will be conserving in your home.


However, you will need to be cautious as some companies are pretty fraudulent and tend to push their sales by lying about either the price or efficiency of the window. That’s why when you’re considering getting double-glazing installed, it would be best advised that you consult a professional, reputable window Installation Company.



Triple Glazing? Is it worth it?


Triple-glazing is an option that hasn’t yet achieved the valuable reputation that double glazing has, this is because of the price tag significantly and it has only been newly manufactured. Triple glazing is what will awarded with the A++ rating by the BFRC, these windows are designed to keep all the heat inside and eliminate the possibility of even the slightest heat escaping. This type of glazing is more popular with Northern homes as they are prone to receiving cold weather and therefore aim to preserve as much warmth as possible in their homes. 



Decided on your perfect window yet?


Whether its standard, double-glazing or triple-glazing you can understand that there will be a differentiating price tag. Along with the price tag, you can expect a difference in energy efficiency, the higher rated the window the more money you will save on your energy bills – don’t forget it easily determines how warm your home will be. Need further advice or after a free quotation? Contact Elite Windows as of now. 








What windows are better? Cost vs. Efficiency.

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Windows come in a range of different colours, energy efficiencies and styles therefore you can guarantee a diverse selection to choose your perfect window from. However, when it comes to saving energy or following a budget, what is more important? To be able to understand what is more important you first need to understand the full meaning of energy efficiency and how it helps benefit you and your home. 



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